Life Lately | May 24, 2020

You guys, the close, personal relationship I'm starting to have with the Magic School Bus is getting out of control. I hum the theme song in my sleep and can be counted on to say "I knew I should have stayed home today" whenever I have to leave the house. Seriously though, the stir-crazy is starting to happen. Yesterday, Ryan was staining our house and he asked me to run out for some beer and I've never been so delighted to just buzz up the road to a gas station.

Speaking of staining the house, we only have a hundred projects going on over here.  I mean, it's house stuff, so by "we" I obviously mean Ryan. He's in the middle of putting new flooring in our camper, staining the house and the decks, mowing the lawn and power washing just about anything. I'm contributing my skills, too. I bought a rug and some blankets.

Ominous clouds, no?


In other news, Duke has decided that the word of the day is "butthole" and it has been for about a week now. I told him he could really only throw it around if it's in context, but since "in context" doesn't mean anything to him yet, he just casually yells it for a reaction. Thank God we can't be in public right now. When I check him on it, he responds smartly enough -- "but I can use it in compex, Mom?"


So on Friday, I zoomed into Traverse City to grab some groceries before the weekend. Looks like business as usual. Traffic was humming right along and if I had to make my guess, it wasn't the locals cruising around.

Fortunately, things are a bit quieter at home. I took Duke to go for a bike ride in Frankfort yesterday and main street was empty.


Unrelated, but very satisfying for all of us -- morel mushroom hunting. Duke hops up every morning ready to scout through the yard and that little turkey is great at spotting them.

Can I just take a second and comment on how grown my baby is? And the lighting here is perfect because it gives me the proof I need when everyone says he's a "little Ryan" to be like hold it! That's my dishwater blond hair on his head.


Oh, if you're wondering if I think technology spies on us, you'll get a resounding "yes!" from me. I'm not usually hot on conspiracy theories, but hear me out. I recently finished reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver and was highly inspired by the prescribed simpler lifestyle. A quick synopsis: a family moves to a farm in Appalachia and commits growing their own food, or sourcing it from a neighbor for an entire year. I literally laid in my bed reading into the dark about how to can green beans and the zillions of ways to preserve fresh tomatoes.

Suddenly the ads on Facebook and my Pinterest feed are full of links to articles about how to "get off the grid" and "become self-sufficient" and worst - "homesteading."

Listen (and maybe I'm addressing Bezos and Zuckerburg directly? Just kidding. I'm not that crazy. Ha!) -- I'm still really into electricity and going to Target. I just like the idea of a garden in the backyard.

Seriously though, the book is a great read and I think it'll be the kind I reread over and over again.  I'm going to stay "on the grid" but might also grid out a backyard garden next year or something.


Alright - last thing. I just want to share this great new insult that I could not stop laughing about:


Happy long-weekending everyone! May the weather stay hot until October.

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