LINKS | May 8, 2020

Oh man guys, it's been a long time since I've written consistently. That was a resolution for 2020, you know? I really wanted to get consistent, but it started falling apart a few weeks ago and anyway, 2020 goals sort of feel like a crapshoot at this point.

In other "goals that will be quickly forgotten" news, I started the keto diet a couple of weeks ago. I experienced the full on keto flu, was exhausted for a couple days, and haven't eaten a carb since April. Now I just wait for the fat to melt off, I guess. Seriously though, the keto sub-forums on Reddit are highly motivating. When regular people put their minds to something, it's wild what we can achieve. I'll just let that be my general lesson for today.

1 || ICYMI

Well, ya didn't miss much, because I haven't been writing very often.

If reading about other people's reading achievements, I did plow through a few books.

I also tried to come off as grateful while being a little bit whiny (about the weather and a million other things outside of my control) here and here and here too.

2 || INTO IT

Ryan and I bought a camper last fall and didn't get to use it much before it got cold. Obviously, things have not gone as planned this spring, but I'm hopeful we'll be able to spend some miles in it soon. In the meantime, I just refresh Pinterest 10,000x a day, looking for inspiration for sprucing the place up. It's very early 2000s - gold and white and eh. I've been trying to talk Ryan into swapping out the flooring, but aesthetics just don't motivate him the way they do me.

 This article suggests they are "not so handy" but I disagree. 

 Lina and Max make for a good restoration Instagram.

Sadly, I couldn't find the original source for this. Bummer because I'd like to see the rest of it. 


I mean, someday it will warm up. A slow start to spring just motivates me to look on to summer. Let's turn on the heat stat.

I have been way into Aerie for the last 6 months or so. I bought that black one piece and I like it so much. I kind of wish I'd gotten it in that rusty orange since that's also my favorite color these days.

4 || LINKS

Ready to fall all over the internet? If there's one thing this quarantine hasn't been able to touch, it's my dedication to mindless wandering on the ol' WWW.

Have you watched the Michael Jordan doc on ESPN? I don't even care about basketball, but this one is goood.

Take my money. I love this t-shirt. And if causes are important to you, this one's got one.

New York is empty and it's startling and cool.

Just in time for Mother's Day. I can especially get behind this.

Related: 15 one-sentence essays for mothers. Just read it, it's funny.

Forget the camper. This is my true dream.

V important right now. Everything coming to Netflix in May.


Just a reminder.

6 || PLANS

What's really delightful is that I even think I have plans anymore. I plan days in advance when I'm going to go to the grocery store, and that's my big outing for the week. Anyway, here's what I'm really thinking -

1.) Pretend we're going to work on staining the house. Again.
2.) Throw in a bonfire at some point, and if it could stop snowing, that'd be really perfect.
3.) Make + drink a full pot of coffee.
4.) Measure the bed in the camper. Forget. Do it again. Repeat. Sometime next week, order sheets.

Ha! Seriously though, I hope you guys have a great weekend. And spring - you're welcome to show up and stay any time now.

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