Christmas 2020

 Hey guys, merry Christmas! 

Duke on Christmas Morning |

We had a really quiet one this year and it was so nice. In the days leading up to Christmas, we drove around looking at lights almost every night and kept the holiday movies on in the background during the day. I was listening to a podcast a couple of days ago and they said something that can be summed up like this -- the silver lining to 2020 was relearning how to just be with our immediate family. You know, playing scrabble or watching a movie together at night because there's nowhere to go. I agree. It was nice to wake up on Christmas morning without any of the usual "running around" plans. Nobody to wait for, nowhere to get to, no dinner to perfectly time. 

Duke woke up at a reasonable 6:45 and popped right up. Four is such a fun age, he was practically shaking with excitement and I love that we're enjoying a season of life where it's really easy to make Christmas magical. We got him a sled and left it unwrapped next to the tree, which he spotted from the top of the stairs and started screaming "Santa came!" But then the real Christmas miracle was coaxing Ryan out of bed by 7am and getting Duke in enough clothes to be able to take pictures that aren't a felony to share with friends and family. 

Later in the afternoon, we stopped over to see Ryan's mom and that was really the extent of our holiday travel. 

Personally, I think the whole thing will go down in history as one of my favorite Christmas Days. By far, it was one of the most relaxing and I hope so hard that we have several more "little kid" holiday seasons in front of us. They're just too fun. 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas (or whatever)!

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