Our Favorite Christmas Movies

Is it still called quarantine, or now do we just start calling it normal life? I mean after about a hundred months, when does it stop being "unprecedented times" and just become, sort of, precedented? 

Anyway, since we're not going anywhere, we've been parked at home watching Christmas movies for a while and honestly, I don't mind. If anything, it's very reminiscent of my actual childhood holiday experience. You know, back when someone else worried about the Christmas shopping and what to make for dinner, while I just sat back and enjoyed a Home Alone marathon. I still have to do those things, but this year I'm mostly doing it from my computer (the shopping anyway) and there's always something on in the background to keep the sounds of Christmas on high. 

Watching Christmas Movies

Here's our favorites-

Always on | The Grinch 

But the animated Benedict Cumberbatch version (what a wild card!). It's visually stunning, funny, and doesn't scare Duke like the Jim Carrey version. Pharrell and Tyler the Creator are involved, so you know the music is great. 

Nostalgic Favorite | Home Alone 1&2 

These are my favorites and I will watch them 100x over the month of December. Now that I'm an adult though, I want to know what Mr. McAllister does for a job. I mean, that house AND taking the entire extended family on some major vacations? 

Not Traditional Christmas Movie | The Family Man 

Honestly, one of my favorite movies of all time. It's one of those movies that takes place during the holiday season, but isn't actually about the holiday season. And it's Nic Cage at his peak. 

New Favorite | Happiest Season

I just watched this for the first time yesterday and proceeded to watch it again later in the afternoon. Dan Levy is hilarious. Kristen Stewart is surly. So much potential to be a new holiday classic. 


I'm also going to tell you about the one I hate, mostly because I hope there's someone else who can commiserate. So...

There are spoilers here, so proceed with caution, but also be aware that I recommend you totally skip this stupid flick. 

The Family Stone -- I know this is a cult classic, but I... don't get it? Why is Diane Keaton so rude? There's this huge setup that Meredith is terrible, but suddenly nobody minds when she winds up with the brother? One brother is ready to propose to his girlfriend on Christmas Eve, but by the next day doesn't even mind when his brother seems to be in to her, because he's more into her sister anyway. YOU GUYS - he was going to PROPOSE to her. It doesn't make sense.   So many plot holes, so unrealistic. I don't care how progressive a family is - seems like someone would take issue with a sister stealing a boyfriend on Christmas Eve, and a brother bringing an ex-girlfriend to the family Christmas the next year. Did Meredith's social awkwardness just evaporate? Nothing here makes sense. 


What are your favorite Christmas movies?

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