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 You guys - can you believe that next week is Thanksgiving? Maybe my space/time continuum is super fucked up because I wake up pretty much every day and go can you BELIEVE it's Tuesday? Can you believe it's already noon? Can you believe I have to cook dinner again?! I think the only time that actually moves at its accurate pace is the time I spend waiting in line at the grocery store, and then like, hurry up!

So that's what I've been up to lately. Wondering where the time goes like probably everyone else. 

Happy Sunday |

In other news, let me just share this funny story. Duke's at this great age where he's getting a feel for our parenting style and he's learned that we basically threaten him constantly. Like - eat your dinner or you can't watch TV before bed. Or if you don't put on your socks, I'm only putting boring stuff in your lunch box. I'm talking a sandwich, an apple and some carrot sticks. NO FRUIT SNACKS. 

So anyway, a couple days ago, he's mad at Ryan about something I can't remember now, and he goes with this line out of our parenting playbook - "Dad if you don't let me *whatever*, then you're not getting any presents on your birthday!"

And then, adding the meanest thing he can think of - "And noooooo cake!" 

We remained serious parents for a nanosecond before we laughed and laughed and laughed. We've been shouting "and nooooo cake" at each other for a week now. It's honestly a great argument diffuser. 


So hey, it's been a while since I've written a links post, yet I have been diligently saving all my favorite things on the internet AS IF I still write occasionally. Ha! Old habits, ya know?


Tiger King Season 2 // Came for Joe and Jeff, stayed for all the guy on a jetski montages. There's also a guy named Tim that I don't remember from the original and boy, all I know is that folks who aspire to have a "private" zoo are a specific brand of people. Are they all the same? I think so. 

I would also like to discuss WHY Jeff loves The Buckle so much. Ryan and I cackle like little girls every time the camera pans to his bedazzled ass pockets. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it. 

Summer Friday Jetlag Mask // Switching gears, my good friend Lex told me to try this product at least a year ago, and I spontaneously tossed a trial size tube in my basket while wandering around Sephora a week or two ago. If you have dried out old lady skin as soon as it gets cold outside - the skin on my nose is already flaking off Goldmember-style - then this one is for you. 

Prime Reading // Did you know that if you have Amazon Prime, they have free books you can just download? And not even stupid ones? Or the ones out of of copyright?! My jaw dropped straight to the floor a couple days ago when I found a book that's been on my to-be-read list for a while now was there - for free!

2 || INTO IT

I've got nothing but Thanksgiving on the brain this week. Short work week! Mashed potatoes! Guilt-free entry to all things Christmas!

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Love a festive tee. And this one is worth an honorable mention too. 

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9 of the best pies. Concord Grape fascinates me. 

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Some people just know how to make everything beautiful.


I am aggressively Christmas shopping with a goal to be done on Black Friday. It's completely motivated by selfishness because I'm usually frantic by mid-December and I'm just really hoping to avoid that this year. Here's a few things I'm picking up -

Books - I like to get books for most everyone on my list, but there's a few special people who share my taste in reads, so I save a list of my favorite titles from the year to gift at Christmas. Here's what I read this year and a few of those will be under the Christmas tree. 

Duke's very into the Marvel superheroes these days and all he wants is this web shooter. I'm 99% sure I'm done shopping for him, but still waffling on getting him a hoverboard. He realllllly wants one but Ry thinks he's still too small/young/uncoordinated and I kind of agree. Anyone have experience with this one?

I order photo books from ShutterFly every year and just got ours in the mail this week. I've been doing it for a while, so it's not really a surprise - no spoilers here! I always give them to Ry's mom and stepmom, but I think of them more like family gifts. So fun to look through them every time we visit. 

I'm a puzzle gal and Galison's has some really beautiful ones. Loving these Christmas puzzles - Christmas in the City, Winter Snow Globe, and Winter Dogs. Also loving this not-Christmasy but totally fun How Are We Not Famous puzzle. 

4 || LINKS

The best marriage advice: you're annoying, too

On my Christmas list. 

These dogs made me laugh and laugh and laugh. 

Seriously, this is me in an office setting. 

Technically old, but I'd argue that most of us don't read books the minute they come out, so still very useful: The best books of 2020

Related: on my to-be-read list. 

Does the perfect blog post exist? I guess so

Timely: 3 Warm Drinks for Winter Days.


My reading slowed down as it usually does this time of year. Days are shorter and it feels like I lost about 5 hours out of my evenings. Anyone else's clocks just tell them to snooze when it's dark outside? It's 7:30 and I'm like, okay I guess I'll go to bed. Alternatively I have been consuming more good TV lately and those are stories too, so I think that's a fair trade. 

I don't want to talk about what I recently read because I also purchased it to gift to someone who reads here 👀, but I'll say that I'm looking forward to reading some perennial favorites in the coming weeks. Wishin' and  Hopin' by Wally Lamb is to Christmas books as Home Alone is to Christmas movies. I just love it year after year. 

6 || PLANS

Putzin' and planning for the holiday. I have lots of grocery shopping to squeeze in this week and I'd like to get the Christmas tree up on Friday, so a little cleaning and organizing in there too. 

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We spent Friday with my sister and her kiddos, which Duke had a countdown on our calendar for all week. He's still recovering from that -- it's almost 8am and he's still snoozing. And that's after napping for four hours yesterday! Ha. I'll tell the story next time, but it was an emergency trip to get him to stop asking me to have another baby. He's been in a real yank lately and as we pulled out of Dee's driveway yesterday, he wistfully lamented "too bad I don't have a sister." 

So you know, pray for me because we have GOT to get past this particular phase. 

Happy Sunday you guys! May we all be putzin' - the best weekend plan of all! 

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