Consuming | December

Consuming | December -

Duke is bringing the Christmas spirit right now and he's the only one in the house doing it. I took a few days off before the holiday to hopefully squeeze in some activities that get me in the mood, but for now, I'm in my regular bullshit and this inaugural list of things I'm consuming this month is decidedly un-Christmaslike. Rest assured, Duke is indulging all the Home Alone, Mickey's Christmas, and Elf on the Shelf that one little boy can take. Which, ps, has anyone else watched the vintage-y new Mickey Saves Christmas on Disney+? It has old vibes for a new movie and a calendar spread near the beginning shows it takes place in 1985, which just blew Duke's socks right off when I told him Daddy was 4 years old in 1985 and I wasn't even born. 

Anyway....consuming - 


Only Murders in the Building // Hulu

I binged this so hard. There's two seasons of this on Hulu and I killed it in a weekend. I love Steve Martin and Martin Short because they're so freaking charming together. Selena Gomez is an interesting and edgy little addition to this whodunit series and I'd say if you like Father of the Bride and true crime, this show is their love child. 

Don't Worry Darling // HBO Max

This story is weird and not at all what I expected. Worth a watch because all the hype that Florence Pugh is getting for this movie is absolutely deserved. She is a classic stay at home wife to Harry Styles sometime during the mid-century, but all is not as it seems. 

People We Hate at the Wedding // Prime

Kitschy and cringy, but if you enjoy romantic comedies, this one might be for you. A transatlantic family, in which everyone has a stupid selfish chip on their shoulder, gathers for a wedding in England. Chaos ensues. 

Harry and Meghan // Netflix

Duh. I have to watch this for sheer cultural phenomena knowledge, but honestly I think it's a little....boring? I don't think people are as interested in their "love story" as H&M (and they call each other by their initials) think we are. That said, I'm here for some royal family bombshells and I'll be impatiently waiting.

White Lotus // HBO Max

Just like everyone else, mostly because everyone else won't shut up about it. I think it's supposed to be a thriller, but it's not particularly suspenseful. I'm enjoying it because it's about a handful of dysfunctional guests at a Hawaiian luxury resort and disfunction is right up my alley. Anyhow, someone dies and that's not a spoiler because it happens in the first episode and I guess we're supposed to wonder who it is. Truthfully, every character is so unlikeable, finding out any of them are in that box of "human remains" being loaded up on an airplane just won't break my heart. 



Wishin' and Hopin' // Wally Lamb

A holiday classic with the same vibe and charm as A Christmas Story. It's 1964, and Felix Funicello (Annette's cousin!) is going about his usual business at Christmastime. A flamboyant substitute teacher, a new student from Russia, and that bitch, Rosalie Twerski, are shimmery fun additions to the cast. 

The Plot // Jean Hanff Korelitz

I've had this on my TBR list for about a year - it was published in 2021 - and it recently appeared on the shelves at my favorite book resale shop. It's a novel inside of a novel and I'm into it. Jake is a writer that started his career on a high note with nowhere to go but down. Years later, he's teaching a lackluster MFA symposium when the perfect novel plot lands in his lap. The only problem is that it belongs to one of his students. 



Victoria Beckham on Armchair Expert

Also John Stamos! Jerry Seinfeld! 

8 Days of Christmas // Destiny's Child 

Why is this not more popular. It's easily the most underrated Christmas album of all time. 

Down the Hill Podcast

An unsolved 2017 murder of two young girls in Delphi, Indiana caught my attention in this podcast a few years ago. After a recent development and an arrest, I'm listening to it again. With video and audio evidence that one of the young girls managed to take with her phone (though understandably, very little of it has been released to the public) it seems like such a solvable crime. And I think that's what makes it so riveting. 



Smothered Pork Chops 

I'm very neutral about pork, mostly because I can never cook it in a way that I enjoy. Chops are always dry IMHO. But I was persuaded by a sale and gave this recipe a try. It's a winner, so much so that I think I might buy chops again on purpose to make it again.

Holly Hill Eggnog Wine

Okay stay with me because I know this sounds questionable. I picked this up on a whim last week and I've got two more already in my instacart. If you like eggnog (obviously) this stuff is nice. Not as "hard" as bourbon spiked eggnog which I think is disgusting, but still has a nice boozy warmth. 


That's it for me this month! What are you enjoying? Podcast recs always welcome!

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