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 Hey guys, how's your week? Happy Christmas week! 

Christmas Week |

I'm taking off every Friday for the rest of the year and it feels like the best way to use my PTO and maybe get into the holiday spirit a little. I'm just not feelin' it, you know?  It's not that I'm so busy or overworked or anything, it's just that normal life marches on. I'm still taking out the garbage and doing the laundry and it all feels decidedly unChristmas-like. 

To be fair though, I'm not watching Christmas movies because I got wrapped up in the White Lotus hype (after everyone else, as usual) and I'm aggressively watching it every night as soon as Duke goes to sleep. Ryan, ever supportive and apathetic to my television tastes, mostly ignores it, scrolls his phone for an hour, and randomly pipes up "I love this song" sarcastically, because who can deny that the show really digs its heels into a specific genre of music for each season. Buzzfeed agrees. 

Anyway. Can you believe we're staring down the end of the year? Can you believe the advent of Covid was 3 YEARS AGO?! Time flies when we're having fun, eh? I'd normally be a little frantic about the resolutions I made back in January, but I hit two of my 2022 goals, frankly the easy ones, and I'm in no mood to finish strong, so I'll just revisit self control in 2023. 


A few shareable Internet snacks (heavy on purchases, because see above about self-control): 

I frantically bought this "okay-to-wake" clock one morning around 4:30am when Duke woke me up for the 600th day in a row (it feels like). Basically you set an okay-to-wake time and the little dog's ball changes from red to green. We've got ours optimistically set to 6am and barring scary dreams or obvious "mom's awake downstairs" noises, he stays put until he gets the green ball. 

The most magical gingerbread house inspiration.

Related: the entire Christmas baking archives from Constellation Inspiration which is fucking mesmerizing. 


 Is Tumblr is back? IDK but this one makes me feel kind of okay about winter. 

Updating millennial outfits. I feel a little attacked. And also more empathetic for my mother, circa 1997 when I didn't understand why she couldn't just get with the latest trends. You guys, I can't get with this. 

I'm a sucker for beautiful puzzles and this one is so perfect for the long lazy week ahead. 


Tomorrow at 5pm, I'll snap my laptop shut for a week and a half and I'm looking so forward to my screen going black for a while. I haven't felt this burnt out with work and whatnot in a long while, so this healthy recharge is looking extra good. I am of the opinion that the 2-3 days right before Christmas are the best -- all the excitement without the letdown of it being over, you know? I can't wait to fill my mug with hot cocoa (and peppermint vodka) and walk around neighborhoods that go bonkers with their lights. I want to take Duke to this train festival in TC. I'm going to watch so many Christmas movies. 

Lucky for us, we have a much hyped, crazy winter storm coming in this weekend, so we'll be settling right in with no expectations to leave our house. Safe travels, Santa!

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