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New Years Resolutions, found here. 

If you can't tell, I'm on vacation. I say that because I've been posting up a storm here and it's because I have the time and just enough delicious boredom to feel creative. The hustle of normal life zaps my creativity and I've thought more than once over the years that maybe I'm not just not a writer anymore. After I had Duke, I stopped reading because I hardly had a minute to take a shower, let alone read. I really thought I might not be a reader anymore. But I picked it back up eventually and I expect writing and feeling creative to come back someday too. 

I made a new years resolution a few years ago to read 12 books or something, and somehow I made the time and space for it. This year, I would like to create something. I don't know what that is, but I think saying it means I will somehow find the time and space for it. 

My other goal this year is to give up endless scrolling on my phone. I would never admit how much time I spend staring at it because I'm embarrassed. So, my resolution is no-phone-at-home. I'm putting that sucker away as soon as I walk in the door. That's it. 

Do you have goals? If you obsessively watched White Lotus like I did last month, you'll know this question will forever be a Portia reference. I love this fun way to do new years resolutions from Cup of Jo. It's old, but I've kept the link forever and love re-reading it. Here's what I'm thinking


Trips to the library

Going for a walk

Board games after dinner

Saying yes to plans with friends


Coffee with cream

Trips to TJ Maxx and Target


Rewatching the same comfort shows over and over. 

Happy New Year, guys. I just have a feeling, this year is going to be so good.

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