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Hey guys! Happy first Saturday in January. First Saturday in 2023. 

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I really believe attitude is 95% of the battle with everything, and this year I'm on a mission to keep my chin up, buttercup. I know this is going to be annoying in real life to a lot of people, probably myself included, but I'm aiming to be happy as much as possible. I'm romanticizing my whole life, treating everything like a celebration and forcing myself to believe I have lucky girl syndrome. So, happy Saturday! Isn't it wonderful?

We are back to normal-ish around here. I went back to work on Tuesday after a long holiday break, and Duke followed the next day, heading back to school. Ryan is in and out as usual, and I actually cooked dinner twice this week, so that's are normal as it gets. 

January is upon us and I can tell because every grocery store I went to this week is out of lettuce. Isn't it funny, and frankly inspiring, that literally not one thing changed from December 31st to January 1st, and yet, so many of us woke up feeling like a we had a fresh new life to live? I know not everyone is into resolutions, but I certainly am and if the grocery store is any indication beyond supply chain, it seems like a lot of people have some goals for 2023. I love the vibe. 

1 // ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's what I've published recently. And it's a lot, because a holiday break made me just bored enough to write. 

Potpourri of Christmas things - Everything I consumed in December - Christmas week links - and Christmas Eve (how I kept Duke busy on an excessively long school break). 

The best of 2022. 

New Years Resolutions.

The books I read in 2022 and my top six favs

Intentions for the new year


Doesn't it sort of feel like everything is on sale all the time now? Yes, unless you're actively searching for it. I will be waiting for any kind of discount, but will absolutely repurchase this Dr. Dennis Gross serum. I bought a small sample size and I do not overstate when I say this is a holy grail skin purchase. The light in my face turns on! But, it's very spendy and I have probably a month's worth left. Please Sephora, I beg for a sale in the next week or two. 

Related: I want to give this weird but highly rated moisturizer a try. 

I'm thinking wayyyy ahead, but spring will be here eventually! I got these white Target sneakers for under $30 and the moment the snow and mud dry up, they will be on my feet. 

3 // INTO IT

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This, going alongside my 2023 mantra to delight in the good enough. 

January Links |

I find these green cups to be very aesthetically pleasing. 

January Links |

4 // LINKS

On my to-be-read list, based on title alone. 

I mean, the second - the SECOND - dry January is over, it's on for me and this cocktail recipe

Creative writing is a guilty pleasure and one that I'm pursuing excessively this year. Starting with this writing prompt that jogged my memory of an epic night spent on someone else's dime at Firekeepers Casino many years ago. I'm so excited to get to work on this one. 

I really enjoyed this post about the 5 things the writer learned this year, particularly because I consign on all of them. I especially liked everyone is people and joy may very well be the point. 

Timely. I am his mother

I'm always behind on TV, so this list of best documentaries that came out in 2022 should fill my January and February nicely. 


Eating: filed under this new commandment "thou shall not lose this recipe EVER" - I made these carrot cake bars and dang. They were so freaking good. 

Reading: The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath. One of the better non-fiction, self-help style books I've read. So far I'm finding it most applicable to my work - taking advantage and elevating common moments to inspire a top-tier experience, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to parlay this into my personal life as well. 

Watching: I was so obsessed with White Lotus that I rewatched it immediately, but I need something new. Ryan and I are trying Yellowstone but I think we're the only people on the planet that just can't get into it. We are most of the way through the Shaq documentary on HBO and it's very good. I don't care at all about sports, but some people are just fascinating, you know? 

Related: Goals for 2023

Listening: My old standby, Armchair Expert, is back with an episode featuring Gabrielle Union which was enjoyable. And I've started listening to an old podcast called Casefile Presents: Matty - this is about the disappearance, presumed death, and finally, confirmed homicide of Matthew Levenson, as told interview style by his parents, Mike and Faye. Obviously so sad, but it is also a very well done podcast and interesting listen, particularly because it features a non-American judicial system which always fascinates me. 

6 // PLANS

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Last year, I instituted a little thing I call "obligatory weekend fun" which is making at least one plan for the weekend. If I don't, I'll perch up on the couch for 48 hours, wondering where the weekend went around 5pm on Sunday evening. And while it's still early enough in the season that I'm comfortably in my winter cozy nest, give it a few weeks and I will be nearing a FTS attitude and dreaming of warmer air and open windows. I've found that having at least one fun thing to look forward to on the weekends moves the winter season just a touch faster, and also makes it more bearable. 

So that was an unnecessarily longwinded way to say: I'm taking Duke to Arcadia to enjoy the marsh walk, and maybe we'll stop for lunch together somewhere and if one of those weird junk stores in Benzonia looks especially appealing, we'll stop there too. 

Somewhere in February, I'd like to book a hotel with a pool for a night. And a spring break vacation in March sounds nice. Looking forward is 50% of the joy, you know? 

Happy weekending guys!

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