Getting Pumped for Fall - I Guess.

Coffee and Cream |

Okay fine. It's cold and it's been getting annoyingly gray outside for the last week or so. I acknowledge that, no matter how much summer cheerleading I do, Fall will not be strongarmed into waiting until October. I'm still willing to try, but in the meantime, I'm going to get enthusiastic about the parts of fall that I don't hate. So namely candles that smell liked baked goods, actual baked goods, and the new stuff Target is pulling out of stock. 

Donuts and faux leather, I welcome you. 

Fall Style

I love Old Navy jeans. Anyone else? They're the perfect fit and for $30! I take issue with their toddler jeans costing as much as adult jeans, but that's a whole other thing. 

I already have the tall Hunter boots in black, but I would really like to get the shorter variety and maybe sell the taller version on FB Marketplace. I did that last winter with a gray pair and it was nearly a fiasco

PS - I never wear earrings, but just love those Target sort-of-hoops. Maybe I'll turn a new leaf (sorry - haha). 

Fall Books

Also, a few books on my nightstand to get me in the mood for fall. 

Books to Read in October |
The Haunting of Hill House - I saw this is on Netflix and I think I'll watch it in October. I want to read the book first. 

The Green Mile - classic. Not necessarily seasonal, but creepy enough that I think it merits it's place on the list. And anyway, it's nice to fall into a comfortable read every once in a while. 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - I started re-reading the series last fall and had just gotten through the 4th book by the end of November. I picked right up where I left off and I'm currently in the middle of this one. 

Practical Magic - I read The Rules of Magic this summer and kind of wished I'd saved it for this time of year. Next best thing is reading the book for which it was a prequel. 


Just doing what I can to get excited that winter is coming😭. 

What do you love best about fall? 

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