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So, I haven't really mentioned this out loud, but I've been really trying to give the freelance writing thing a try. I'm scared of failing at it and then if I told everyone, then everyone knows when it doesn't work out. So I've mostly kept my trap shut about it (but also a plug -  if you know anyone who needs an annoyingly enthusiastic writer, I'm your gal). Anyway, my point is that this Friday actually sort of feels like a Friday because I've been work writing all week. And there's nothing nicer than Friday feeling like Friday. Cheers!

In other news (and failures), we have a birthday coming up! Duke is on the very brink of turning four and it is no exaggeration when I say he's been practicing for this moment all summer. He knows he's three and he knows he'll be four on his birthday. What he doesn't know is that his parents didn't order his remote control truck in time, and so we'll be pretending that Tuesday is his birthday, when it's really Sunday. LOL just kidding. Maybe. 

1 || ICYMI

We're headed back out on the road soon! Here's the plan

Last week's links

2 || INTO IT

Just a couple things inspiring me this week. 

Chase Your Stars

Red Manicure

Warm White Walls


Oddly specific this week, but stay with me here. I'm in a wedding next week and need silver shoes. Guess who waited for the very last minute. Which do you like best? PS - if your name is Carlee, please rest assured that I will pull it together in time!

4 || LINKS

Now that the commercials are over, let's get to the show. 

We live our lives in restaurants. And other places. This pandemic has taught me how much of my life previously lived somewhere other than home. 

Lucky for me, my bank is full

Timely: In the Covid-19 Economy, You Can Have a Kid or a Job. I honestly don't *get* how this is supposed to work. 

If you're into wearing your politics. I am. I'm also into this

Related: for folks who like politics and sarcasm. Oh and candidly, you'll like this more if you're a little left-leaning. 

Ooh interesting: bartenders on what it's like re-opening post quarantine

Pivoting? Your opinion is the only one that matters


Life Tips


Friendly refresher if it's been a hot minute: how to make one of these cutie-pies your iPhone wallpaper


7 || PLANS

For the record, I'm kidding about Duke's birthday. We'll celebrate on Sunday and he'll just have a banger of a surprise two days later. In the meantime though, I'm going to try to knock his socks off with a ton of balloons and streamers and a carwash cake. I also zoomed over to the dollar store and bought every single thing he asked me for last time I was there in an attempt to overcompensate. Hang tight for all sad/happy emotions I'll be feeling this weekend. Grateful for a healthy boy who is growing up, and equally wistful for how good it is and how quickly it's going. 

Nostalgia is my jam. Just last night, I talked with a friend about a shared part of our lives that is far far away and never coming back. I just like to look back on the past with rose-colored glasses, you know?

Happy weekending friends!

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