What's Next?

LOL - I've been vague-blogging (the most annoying thing) that we're in Michigan, but not for very long. I have no reason for not telling the details -- they're pretty firm, but also we have been semi-considering selling our camper, so things could change spontaneously. But I think we've come to a concrete agreement that even if we do sell our camper, we're still going out on the second leg of our trip later this month. 

So, what's next? Maine. 

And as many New England states as we can fit into October. 

Ryan and I are both pretty hyped on the idea of a New England color tour. I'll be on the lookout for Stephen King, obviously, and I'm planning to eat my way through the coast, trying every variety of lobster roll, clam chowder, and oyster I find. I have my expectations set at unreleastic, because that's just where I like them. 

In the meantime, I'm feverishly pinning everything I can about New England in the fall. I'm expecting the entire coast to look like a heavily filtered or at least intensely saturated Instagram post with cute golden retrievers frolicking around, yet obediently posing as necessary


About selling our camper, it's just an idea right now. Mostly because the market is pretty toasty hot. My brother in law recently bought a camper for a 3-week road trip, came home, listed it, and sold it for a profit in 24 hours. We bought our camper last summer - before a pandemic made road trips the vacation of 2020 - for a smokin' deal so selling it when the market has totally flipped just feels like a good opportunity. If we sell it, great. If we don't, also great. You know? So win-win. 

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