Happy 4th Birthday Duke!

Duke is four and you guys, don't put it past me to jump in front of him blowing out his candles to make a wish of my own. If I could just get a little more time. What I'd do to push pause right here. 

Happy Birthday Duke! | biblio-style.com

But it's not my birthday, so let the birthday wishes for remote-controlled things commence!


I wrote and re-wrote what it means to me, watching my only baby get bigger and grow away from me, but I just kept deleting. I guess I don't know how to make it...make sense?  It's sad, but it's also really great. I'm wistful, but I'm also so grateful. In my own aging process, I've accepted that there is only one alternative to getting older, but with Duke, I can't be logical. As much as I relish in how funny and smart I see him becoming, I can't help but miss that soft baby. I just want it to slow down, that's all. 

Three was such a good year. We discovered things like the PJ Masks and big rock caves in Utah. We traveled together - sometimes to the grocery store, sometimes across Montana - and he has this wonderful ability to be equally excited for both. There were some big lessons this year too. He pushed a lot of boundaries and argued when he didn't like my decisions. This is the year he learned how much it hurts me when he says "I don't love you", but he also learned to say "sorry" when he's wrong. Three is the year he started sleeping through the night and the year we gave up diapers for good and bottles of milk at 3am. Three feels like the year my baby turned into a big kid. 

Yesterday, he asked me if he can go to poker night with Dad when he's four "'cause I'm a man, Mom." 

Oh, he makes me laugh.  

Last year, I asked Duke a couple of questions because I thought it would be fun and emotional to revisit over the years. It is. I've looked at those answers a hundred times over the last year, and laughed all over again when we talked about his new answers. 

You can see last year here. But now, 

Duke B., September 10, 2020

1.) What is your name? Duke
2.) How old are you? Um, four.
3.) What’s your favorite thing to do? Play hide and seek.
4.) What’s your favorite food? Popsicles.
5.) What’s your favorite drink? Lemonade. 
6.) What’s your favorite color? Orange. 
7.) What’s your favorite animal? Mooses. 
8.) What’s your favorite thing to watch on TV? PJ Masks. 
9.) What is your favorite toy? My helicopter!
10.) Who is your best friend? Mommy. 
11.) What makes you very happy? Hearts. 
12.) What makes you very sad? When I take a time out. 

So grateful to be his bestfriend two years running. 

Happy Birthday Duke B, you sweet boy. I love you I love you I love you. 

Happy Birthday Duke | biblio-style.com

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