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Whippoorwill Farm Wedding Venue, Sparta, Michigan |

Hey guys - happy Friday! I'm writing these ahead so that I have something to go live while we're traveling through the East Coast. I learned my lesson on the last trip that I will A.) not write as often as I think I will, and B.) WIFI a dream as faraway as winning the lottery. Sometimes it happens but mostly it doesn't. As you read this, we're probably somewhere between Michigan and Maine, looking for lobster rolls and oohing at all the fall colors. 

But in real life, I just spent a week in Grand Rapids celebrating my sister's wedding. Sometimes I get so antsy to find a job and feel productive again, but on the flip-side, I don't think I've ever taken five days and just spent them completely willy-nilly, visiting friends and family without stressing about how many vacation days I'm "wasting". It was so nice to extend the necessary stay just to see people I love. I also got my first manicure/pedicure, which lemme just say, I won't be waiting another 32 years to indulge in those again. File that under appointments to make in November

1 || ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's what I posted on the blog this week. 

Every year, I put together a "best of summer" post and it's mostly for me, because I have a hard time letting go of the season and this somehow feels like the closure I need. This year looks a little different than most - thanks COVID - but also - thanks road trip. Now I'm ready to embrace fall. 

Speaking of: Getting pumped for Fall the only way I know how - by buying stuff. 

Duke turned 4. The number of new toys in our house is alarming. 

2 || INTO IT 

By the time we get home from our New England trip, it'll be nearly Halloween, so I'm decorating before we leave. This is the stuff that's inspiring me and giving me tiny bursts of autumn excitement. 

Ghost Painted Pumpkin |

Kirkland's Fall Decor |

Fall Baking |


One thing that the seasons don't touch? Accessories. 

4 || LINKS

RIP RGB. Thank you for what you gave me and all women. Thank you for audaciously believing that women are equal to men. Thank you for the mortgage that I hold in my own name, the credit card that didn't require my husband to co-sign, and for being the OG Independent Woman that Destiny's Child wrote songs about.


Interesting: Facts Don't Change Our Minds

Switching gears, let's talk Fall cocktails

Fall arrivals at Trader Joes. I am so curious about this place! We don't have one and the one in Grand Rapids had a line out the door on a Tuesday afternoon, so I skipped it. Someday - sigh

Chill Out. And other "wearable sunshine." 

Chasing peak colors!

I love reading Money Diaries. This Database Developer makes $140,000+/year and grocery shops at a dollar store. 

I swear I'm not saying this because it's fresh as I write this, but five days old at press time: I really do like reading my horoscope a few days late. Let's see how accurate you *really* are, stars


Harry Potter Marathon |

Once Upon a Time // HULU

Seasons 1-3 of Greys Anatomy // Netflix

Once Burke bounces, I'm out. 

American Horror Story // HULU

I will rewatch Murder House in the fall for the rest of my life. I am casually thinking about starting one of the other seasons, you know, just to switch it up a little. Which is your favorite season?

Sabrina the Teenage Witch // HULU

The OG TGIF version with Melissa Joan Hart. Duke calls it the "talking cat show." We both love it. 

6 || PLANS

We're in New England! It's such a dream come true. I've always considered myself more New York than California -- completely without merit -- but I don't take that ish back. 

Happy Friday, you guys. I hope your weekend rocks!

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