Life Lately | September 23, 2020

 Life lately - at home. We've been here for a couple of weeks, but it still feels weird to say, and I'm frankly antsy to get outta here again. 

It's so weird how that works. When we came home earlier this month, I was ready. I dreamed about my washer and dryer and dishwasher and the fullsize fridge in the kitchen. I couldn't wait to wash everything -- me, the dog, our sheets -- and just hit "refresh" on our surroundings. 

A few weeks later, everything is clean and I'm ready to move back into our little camper. Ready to jump out of bed at 6am, pack up camp, and be on the road by 8am. Ready to sample gas station coffee in every state, eat too many sandwiches, and lay in bed reading at 8pm because there's no service to scroll my phone with. 

We're bee-lining to Maine this week and spending the rest of month in New England, so stay tuned if pumpkins and fall hygge is your cup of tea. 


More recently though -

Duke's Birthday

Duke  turned 4, and then the celebration carried on a few days later when we visited our friends. We had a surprise cake and as Duke blew out the candles, he asked "now I'm five?"

Birthday Donuts |

Birthday Round 2 |

Duke's Birthday |

A Carwash Cake

I tried my hand at making a carwash cake. I had a back-up plan, in case my efforts crashed and burned, but it turned out okay-ish. It's what he wanted and he's sweet enough to not compare the outcome to the Pinterest original. 

Funfetti Cake Batter |

Carwash Cake |

I'm unduly proud of this thing. Here's the original that I used for guidance. 

Wedding Week

My sister got married last week and Duke was the ringbearer.  I was so worried he would bark or dinosaur stomp down the aisle, and he did for a hot second, so rest assured that my fears weren't unfounded. But look at his sweet outfit. 

Ring Bearer Outfit |

Ring Bearer and Bridesmaid |

Whippoorwill Farm Wedding Venue |


I once read that potpourri is defined as "a mixture of nice things" and even though I've never found a potpourri that didn't totally stink, I like the definition. And so here's some September Potpourri -- our nice things. 

HRC Book |

I returned to the library after 7 months away. I didn't love this book, but I was so happy to be back. 

St. Ambrose Cellars |

Another place I'm happy to return to, over and over again: St. Ambrose Cellars. 

Platte River Salmon Catch |

Duke caught a big ol' salmon (with help, of course!) out of the Platte in our backyard. And on his birthday!

Fall Style |

Pulling out those fall clothes. I rotate my closet every season. It makes season appropriate stuff a million times easier to find and I swear, I always forget what I already own, so pulling out fall stuff in September that I haven't seen since the year prior is always a fun surprise. 

Hot Wheels Coloring Book  |

Obviously the easiest way to color. 

Wizarding Weekend at John Ball Zoo  |

I took Duke to the John Ball Zoo in Grand Rapids while we were in town for Carlee's wedding. They're doing their Wizarding Weekends and it was so fun. Duke's never been to a zoo, and it's the same field-trip place I went as a kid, so it was nice for both of us. Also, it was a Wednesday afternoon and not even remotely busy. 

Michigan Apples  |

One of our neighbors has an apple tree in their yard that they do not care about, so I've wandered down a few times this fall to pick some of the okay looking ones. Give 'em a good wash and they make tasty apple sauce and apple crisp.

Listen, I know these apples look questionable, but trust me one this one: throw enough brown sugar on anything and it will taste good. 


I hope you guys are having a good week!

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