5 Things I'm Grateful For | November 2, 2020

Hey guys. It's November and that always feels like a good time to get grateful, so naturally I came here to tell you everything that sucks.  I started to write about why right now feels a little weird and uncomfortable for me, and I was about three paragraphs in before I pulled myself together. There's no crying on this GD yacht. 

Instead, I'll just briefly say that after a year and a half of being consumed with travel plans, it's hard for me to be cool with it being done. What a love affair to try and move on from, you know? 

It's been a long time since I've suffered a traumatic break-up, but I remember the basics: distractions. 

Here's a few things I'm appreciating right now - 

1 || Shellac

I guess I'm a gal who is impressed by a good manicure and doesn't mind starting with something vapid. I got my first shellac manicure over the weekend and I'm so hooked. I've always been sort of up on my high horse about painting my own nails, but if I get a full 24 hours without chips, I'm lucky and also haven't gotten off the couch. I've submerged my hands in dishwater, smacked them on my car door handle, and buttoned my jeans and still, no smudges, no chips. I think I just found the church I'm willing to worship at. 

2 || Wine Girl

Not my favorite book ever, but I did learn how to pronounce "Sommelier" (some-all-yay) which leaves me feeling SO cultured. I also learned a couple things about vino and will be throwing around adjectives like "fruity", "woodsy" and commenting on the "bouquet" and "tannins" so if you drink wine with me, be prepared to LOL a lot. 

 3 || Pen Pals

I mentioned last week that Ryan's grandma has been quarantined at her retirement home. That feels like a lonely way to spend 7 months, so I decided to make her my new pen pal and honestly? I think I'm enjoying it even more than she is. All week long, Duke will say something silly and I think about how I'll have to put it in grandma's weekly letter. I haven't written letters since 7th grade and can't believe I forgot the appeal. 

4 || Paint Chips

I have my heart set on painting the hallway upstairs and Ryan probably has his heart set on me forgetting. Ha! I grabbed a few paint chips and I think I've narrowed it down to two very close options (this and this). I really love a good dark green and this is the look I'm going for. Fingers crossed I actually follow-thru. 

5 || The Bachelorette 

Okay! I have never really watched either the Bachelor or the Bachelorette. Like, I know the premise because it's a cultural phenomenon, and I've probably seen an episode or two, but this is the very first time I've ever gotten into it. This season is supposed to be bat-shit crazy and listen, it's only 3 episodes in, but so far, they're delivering on those promises. 

What are you enjoying lately?

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