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So, last week I thought Duke might be disappointed that Halloween was over and tucked back into the closet until next year, but then Netflix had my back and swiftly swapped all the scary movies for Christmas literally overnight. We woke up on November 1st, flipped on the cartoons and Duke goes, "oh my gosh Mom. It is Christmas season?!"

I don't usually advocate for jumping right into Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but it is fun to be in this season of life where he knows what all this means and is excited for it. 

Later that day, I'm cruising around TJ Maxx with him perched up on the cart and he asked me if Santa could see him in the store. He was appropriately mystified by the idea that Santa can see through the ceiling and you guys, I'm not giving up this good behavior enhancing scare tactic, so I said yep, Santa can see through the ceiling. He's magic. Then Duke looked up and kind of shyly whispered "hi Santa" and I started cry laughing. 

Again, I ask: whoever is holding my life remote, please push pause. I like this part. 



In case you missed it, here's what went live on my blog this week:

It's grateful season and I'm talking about the 5 things I'm appreciating this week. My family, sure. My manicure, definitely. 

Not sure you heard, but we had an election on Tuesday. I got all kinds of interested in how people decorated their lawns with opinions. Some folks are downright crafty

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Long Term Road Tripping. Spoiler: don't forget a can opener. 

November playlist. Lots of songs about mashed potatoes. 



A couple things inspiring me lately ---

Smiley Face Nails
Books on a Bed
Apple Cinnamon Rolls
Your Time is Not Refundable



I almost wrote "treating myself" to a new office chair and man, if that isn't the epitome of how adults treat themselves. It's like treating myself to a bowl of fruit for dessert. Sounds....really extravagant.  But seriously, I'm on the hunt for an extra squishy chair for all those hours I'm going to spend at my desk. Scroll to the end of this if you're like, "why are you spending hours at a desk?"




Has it already been 4 years? Dave Chapelle hosted SNL the Saturday after the 2016 election and he's lined up to do it again. I am top-tier excited. 

PS. The Chapelle Show is coming to Netflix

Certified Freak

I love personality profiling and will happily rattle off my enneagram, Myer-Briggs, 16personalities, etc anytime you want (or don't - ha!). If you know your Myer-Briggs type, prepare to laugh at your very own definition of hell. 

Related: Each Myer-Briggs type in a sentence

Printed out this free autumn bucket list this week and put very important things - like taste testing at least four apple pie recipes - on it. 

November horoscopes



Women Who Don't Give a Fuck Book

Bookstagrams are so good and there's plenty of them, so I suggest finding one that aligns with your reading taste and hitting that follow button. You'll never lack for recommendations right in your genre. Here's a few of my favorites: 

Little Free Library for the most creative book depots you've ever seen. Love the mission, love when people take the design V seriously. 

bookishkaren for clean design and one-sentence reviews.

the_litedit for books and scenery. A little travel, a lotta beaches, some books and booze. I like your style. 

PS - is library porn a thing? Not sure, but if it is, this is downright tantalizing



Bored of hearing about my plans to go to the library again or do another puzzle? Yeah, me too, so I'm extra glad to have real plans on the agenda. I'm headed back to work on Monday. Things really do have a funny way of just sort of working out and I'm glad. I'll be working from home, so this week I'm cheerfully sprucing up my home office and shopping for an office chair. I told Duke B he'll be returning to Grandma Daycare and he's just delighted. "Grandma has all my favorite toys, Mom."  So I guess we're all happy. 

In the meantime, I'm spending the weekend with the ladies in our family for an annual girls' trip. I'll see you Monday, where you'll find me in pajama pants and a work-appropriate shirt for all those zoomy-zooms. 

Happy Friday!

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