Links | November 13, 2020

Well the weeks sure fly by a little faster when you have a jobbity-job to hog all your time. Seriously though, we've all fallen nicely back into the groove of our old routines. Even Duke, who skipped naps for four months over the summer is right back to taking those golden four-hour snoozes all afternoon. Normal sure is nice, you know? 

It's just funny to think about how much I craved adventure back in June and now, I'd just love some routine and health insurance. I guess variety really is the spice of life. 

Anyway, What a week. We probably have a new president and we definitely have a party that's never hoped so hard for voter fraud in the history of the USA. I think I checked my phone every 10 minutes from Wednesday to Saturday and finally, as I walked into the Kate Spade store, I read the news and got emotional. Mostly because it is finally over-ish. 

Anyway, the other day, I took this picture while driving down the road with my window open and my phone hanging out because the sky looked so dang cool. Pictures of a good sunset just never do it justice though, do they? 

Frankfort Michigan in the Fall |



In case you missed it, here's what I've been writing about lately - 

Five things I'm grateful for this week. Item number 1: My only child. 

Duke B. hard at work with me. Hoppin' on calls and such. 



I pinned one single cinnamon roll recipe on Pinterest and suddenly it's the only thing that shows up on my feed. Does that ever happen to you?




The Weeknd is headlining the Super Bowl Half-Time Show. This is second only to Beyonce in my book. 

Festive kiddo food for moms who have more ambition than me. 

You know what's better than thoughts and prayers

Facebook Marketplace is Getting Me Through The Pandemic. I'm ashamed how much I get this. 

In this house, we believe...

Okay, very relevant: Thanksgiving in a pandemic. Thoughts on how you'll spend the holidays this year? 



I mean, this is unexpected (to me) but I recently became a "puzzle person." I remember in high school, my Oma decided I needed a winter project and so she took me to Wal-Mart to pick out a puzzle and basically it sat on the table until my Opa started it. He generously left out the last piece so I could plug it in, and then we never talked about puzzles again. 

Flash-forward a bunch of years, and I like hanging out in the living room after dinner, but I never just watch TV. Like, it's never entertaining enough, so I scroll my phone, or pick the nail polish off my nails, etc. So once again, I needed a winter project. So I bought a puzzle. And then another one. And then another one. 

Anyway, now I'm the kind of person who does puzzles, and shops for puzzles, and has opinions about puzzles. I love the Michael Storrings puzzles for Christmas and I think I'm going to order a couple for December. 



Probably making slime. We're reallllly late to that party, but Duke randomly started asking to make slime a few weeks ago and thanks to the internet, we're practically scientists over here, whipping up one chemical reaction after another. 

And other than that, just hanging around. Ryan borrowed a peddle tractor from a friend of ours, and Duke's been literally crashing that around my house for a few days. I guess that's my main plan for the weekend: finding all the fresh new dents in my wall and paint scraped off the corners of my kitchen island. 

Happy Friday guys!

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