2020 Christmas To Do List

A couple of nights ago, I packed up Duke, grabbed some McDonalds and drove through a few decked out neighborhoods to enjoy the Christmas lights. I wound up going the wrong way on a one-way, but we made it out alive so all's well that ends well, if you ask me. 

When I was a kid, I remember driving around with my parents around this time of year. Not like, on the way home from the grocery store, but specifically loading up, bringing hot cocoa and driving slow through neighborhoods. My dad would point out the really good houses and one night, I remember we saw less friendly lights - the flashing blue and and red ones, you know? Anyway,  I remember thinking that the car got pulled over because they weren't looking at the lights. Lol. I guess my dad had a commanding voice or something, because I perceived not looking at Christmas lights as a criminal offense. 

So anyway, now it's my tradition to carry on with Duke. We're lookin' so no red and blue lights for us. 

We're under two weeks to Christmas and while I've accepted over the last few years that I cannot recapture the magic of childhood Christmas for myself, I will do everything I can to provide that magic to Duke B. We've got a couple things on our list to make the next two weeks feel as filled with the spirit of Christmas as we possibly can. 

I left a couple of blank spots for things I think of between now and the big day. What kind of holiday traditions do you have? I'm always in the market to beg, borrow, or steal other people's ideas. Especially the really good ones. 

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