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I'm not quite as famous as the 17-year old version of me thought I would be, so most everyone who lands on this blog is here because they're a.) related to me or b.) can't remember why we're even friends on Facebook. My point is that pretty much everyone knows the basic details around here, but for the people who I randomly added as a FB friend in an 18-and-up club circa 2006 (so, the Margarita Grille in GR, duh) here's a fun fact: I work in sales, my husband works in sales, and now, our 4-year old son, Duke, works in sales. 

Ryan and I are both working from home right now, so Duke listens to us pitching, taking payments, and talking about closing a sale from 8:30am to whenever Ryan logs off Craigslist for the day, and it's starting to rub off on him. For instance, Duke has a little Mercedes peddle car, but he really wants our friend's peddle tractor. Duke told me he's going to go ahead and sell the Mercedes so he can buy the tractor. And to be fair, that's exactly what Ryan does when he wants another car, so okay. 

Yesterday though, he's wrapping up a cardboard box with a full roll of tape and decorating it with a hot glue gun that has a yellow crayon shoved in it, and he casually says "I'm going to sell this to my friend, Robert. It's custom." And "custom" is the buzzword I use all day long, so I'm just glad I'm contributing to his sales education. 

Listen, I'm proud of my profession, but can you imagine if Ryan and I were both doctors or something? We could have had a prodigy!


In case you missed it.

Well good news you didn't miss a damn thing. I'm not particularly motivated to post anything here lately and I deleted Facebook and Instagram, so if you've ever wanted a break from my constant voice, this month is for you. 


You know what I didn't delete? Pinterest. And a couple days ago, banana pudding truffles popped up on my feed, which obviously I'm saving that, but I laughed out loud when Pinterest suggested it go on my breakfast board. I like your style, P. 

A few other things that Pinterest has inspired recently - 

We are always on the prowl for a project to keep Duke busy for an hour or two and this cardboard city has my big boy dreaming like an architect. 

Christmas color palettes. I mean, I don't know what to do with them, but I appreciate aesthetic things.

When you think about it, it does always work out, doesn't it?  


I'm finishing up my Christmas shopping over here and listen, I'm not here to be yet ANOTHER blogger with an affiliate packed gift guide. I don't make a single penny with this blog, so this is just genuine enthusiasm. A couple of things I picked up for people because they're good gifts. And by "good" I obviously mean I'm a narcissist who assumes if I like them, then you will too. 

1. The best book I read this year. 2. Cool graphic work and a good cause. 3. Spiced cherry wine that's perfect for the holiday season. Very very very sweet.  4. When all else fails, a graphic t-shirt usually does the trick. 


A little this, a little that. 

I hate clutter, so I am all about gifts that can be consumed. This list of food gifts from Kelly is *chef's kiss*

What do the stars have in store for you as we wrap up the stupidest year ever?

NY Times' list of the best books of 2020. I'll personally vouch for Uncanny Valley

Hey, we're (mostly) all guilty of it. I mean, I've written happy anniversary messages to a husband that will never look at my Facebook page and birthday posts to a toddler son who can't even read. A case for counting our blessings offline this year

Is it likely that we'll all be celebrating the new year from our couches this NYE? Yes. Will I still online shop for a sequin bedazzled dress? YES IN ALL CAPS.

Dax Shepard recently discussed relapsing after 16 years of sobriety on his podcast, Armchair Expert. Jessica will tear your heart apart in this piece, talking about addiction and why Dax's admission is keeping her on track. 

Duke and I have been working on this fun printable Christmas craft. He loves a good project and pitches me on "really great idea, Mom" all the time. I'm just happy when it doesn't include a hot glue gun. 


SNL sprinkling a little joy on the 2020 dumpster fire. 


I recently deleted social media from my phone. I know how self righteous it sounds, but I promise I'm not. I'm just totally lazy. I wake up most mornings with sick guilt about how much time I waste scrolling, but I don't have the self control to just not, so I'm forcing it. Like throwing all the candy in the trash before starting a diet. My favorite excuse in the world for everything is "I don't have enough time" but the truth is, I do. I just spend it being bored on Instagram.

Anyway, Duke is delighted -- we're filling our time with Christmas bingo and swapping boards 100x per round. 

Real talk though: I found a set for $4 at TJ Maxx and it is the best money I've spent all year. 

Happy weekending!

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