Grateful | November 30, 2020

A couple of days ago, I still don't know how it happened, our Disney+ app got set on French. Oh man, have you ever heard Mickey Mouse speaking the most romantic language? It doesn't even sound fancy coming from a rodent. Anyway, we got it sorted out, but now Duke clarifies every damn time I turn on the TV. "I don't want it in Frenchie, Mom." 

So then, the next day, Ryan was watching a youtube video and I don't know if the guy was just talking fast or it got garbled somehow, but Duke perches up on his shoulder and goes "that's Frenchie, Dad." Lol forever. 

Anyway, let's talk about the things that are delighting me this week, starting with the unofficial number 1: the four pictures we took before I gave up getting a "nice" family selfie on Thanksgiving day. Every single one makes me laugh, mostly because I remember exactly which command I gave before Ryan snapped the pic: "smile!" "stay still!" "keep your tongue in your mouth!"

Family Selfie

1 | Parenthood

This show is from 2010, but somehow I just discovered it (on Hulu) and I am very into it. All the seasons are out so obviously I'm binging it. And it's totally appropriate to watch while Duke is awake, which is annoyingly unique. I guess Ryan and I are just really into drugs and violence (Narcos) because it just seems like everything we watch together is not kiddo-appropriate. And it's hard to get into anything if we can only watch it while Duke is sleeping because that timeframe is still so dang slim. Anyway, the show is a slice-of-life style drama following the Bravermans, a family of adults that hangs out together way more than actual siblings as they sort through the most wholesome variety of character flaws. 

2 | Kristen Ess The One Signature

This is such a stupid thing to be grateful for, but whatever, it's the small things, right? So a few years ago, I started using KE hair products entirely because I like the way they smell. Like, it's so good, I always want my hair to smell like this. Turns out the purple shampoo works well enough that it checks two boxes and I'm converted to a loyal consumer. WELL this week, KE came out perfume designed to mimic that exact scent. Guess what Santa will be putting in my stocking? 

Side note - do you buy your own Christmas gifts/stocking stuffers? I do and I'm telling you, it works out great. Santa brings me exactly what I want every single time. 

3 | The Long Weekend

I've been back to work for under 3 weeks, so I wasn't dying for a break like I usually am around the holidays, but I don't spit in the eye of a 4-day weekend either. We put up our tree, watched Home Alone at least four times, and slowly chiseled away at all the leftovers in the fridge. 

4 | Thanksgiving

I had a corn casserole that would not set up, and was up still baking away as we finished off the pie, but other than that, everything else turned out fine! This is the first year I've ever made the entire Thanksgiving dinner and if nothing was burned, I call it a success. I felt like a slug afterward while watching White Christmas, and that's exactly the way I want to feel on Thanksgiving. 

Forever grateful for my family. I think someday, when Duke stays still for more than a millisecond, I'll look back at all these blurry pictures and wish to have it back, even for a few minutes. These are the days

I hope you guys had a nice weekend. Here comes Christmas!

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  1. I use a hair line called 'milkshake,' and honestly if they released a perfume, I would be all over that! I've never thought to buy my own stocking fillers, but might have to start ;)

    Charlotte x


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