November 6, 2023 | Glimpsing Ourselves

You know what's so fun (and maybe vain) about parenting? Seeing the little things they pick up from their grown-ups. This is truly self indulgent, because it's all about me (and Ryan), but it happens in small doses and I enjoy the occasional treat so much. 

November 6, 2023 | Glimpsing Ourselves

Duke is always sponging things up, of course, but I don't always think about it. A funny case earlier this week; my husband is surely the only person who calls me "Jennifer" regularly. Duke was playing pretend one evening, and in this game, he was "the dad." He kept referring to Ryan as "son" and enjoyed commanding the dogs around, both of whom lazily obeyed his directives to lay down and whatnot. When I picked up from the couch and announced that I was heading upstairs to read, he looked up and chirped "goodnight Jennifer." It took me by such surprise that I howled with laughter. 

Anyway, all this waxing, but my point is that he has all these little pick-ups that we don't even realize we're exhibiting, and more seriously, it makes me cognitive to what he's gathering and will bring with him into adulthood. Surely I'm gifting him with good and bad habits - make your bed every morning (good), panic regularly over things that might go wrong but probably won't (bad). 

So far, it's been mostly accidental and I often think of how I could be modeling better behavior. Of course, I'm winging my way through motherhood the way we all do. I often comfort myself through the unknown with this thought: even the most seasoned mother is parenting that particular child for the first and only time. None of us know what we're doing really. An excellent example of this is my sister, who has three girls, all of whom have wildly different personalities. One in particular regularly gives her a real run for her money, and this while my sister has a full decade and a half in parenting....but she's raising this one for the first time. I find that to be comforting to all mothers. No matter how many you have or how long you've been doing it, every day is the first time with this one. We can't have expectations because parenting, as we know, is not textbook. 

Anyway, I'll be plodding along, looking and indulging in glimpses of what Ryan and I are imparting on Duke and as always, hoping for the best. I'll smile when he backs his 4-wheeler into the garage (rather than just pulling in), because there's Ryan. And when he suggests a game of Uno after dinner, oh! There I am. All mixed with the wonderful things that came from nowhere and are just purely Duke. 


Shopping Break -

I became a faux badass this summer - I bought a ton of these grown-up, but temporary tattoos. I realized several times that I don't actually want a tattoo, so I thought it educational. I'm still going back for these nail stickers though. Listen, I don't know the connection either, but it's a one-stop shop if nail stickers and fake tattoos are on your shopping list. 

Related: Duke is also a big fan of the temporary tattoos and we love a seasonal one, like these Christmas tats from Target. 

Are you Christmas shopping yet? I've picked up a few things here and there, and I'm excited to play with the LiteBrite I got for Duke. He also looooooves slime and this small shop sells some of the best.

I guess online shopping is a fairly recent phenomena, so most of us probably remember going to the mall for all of our shopping needs. "Buying the mannequin" always seemed like this aspirational thing and I guess all I'm saying is if this was 2002 and I walked by this outfit in the window at J Crew, I'd be buying that mannequin. 

Friendly reminder that today is the final day of Sephora's every once in a while sale. I'm getting this glowy hydrator spray and this clear brow gel

I saw this glitzy shoulder bag in person at the Kate Spade store over the weekend and very nearly pulled the trigger on it impulsively. How perfect for the coming Christmas season, no?!

I am deep on the hunt for a Thanksgiving puzzle. It's too early and I'm frankly too swift to start on anything Christmasy, but finding something decidedly November-like is proving difficult. For the entrepreneurial sort, may I suggest there is a shortage in the market? I may pull the trigger on this one - it's not exactly Thanksgiving, but the cozy vibe is there.


PS - more thoughts on motherhood: indulging and enduring and it's all a phase

PPS - there are some affiliate links in here, but aren't they everywhere? If you click on a link, they'll throw me a couple pennies for our combined hardwork, so I guess click with caution. 

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