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Hey guys, happy Friday! 

Question for parents, children, and anyone with input regarding child psychology: is "the floor is lava" a stage that is inherent for all children of the human species? I mean, is it like how birds fly south every winter? We don't know how they know, they I'm getting the vibe that the floor is lava is like putting shoes on the wrong foot. It comes from some secret place deep within and our ancestors have been doing it for millennia. Maybe adults have just grown up and forgotten about it. 

Anyway, the floor is lava at my house and in the camper and pretty much everywhere and it's kind of funny. Duke's climbing my walls, hopping from rug to rug, and just mobilizing the heck out of his imagination.  I took Duke to the mall a few weeks ago and had to walk solely on the brown tiles because the tan tiles were lava and Duke was kind enough to fear for my life. 

Acadia National Park |

1 || ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's what I posted on the blog this week. 

Our camper is actually small, but virtually, we've got plenty of room. Grab a metaphorical seat and check out where we've been recently with my first postcard from New England. 

For more "in the moment" snaps, I feverishly and more frequently update Instagram

If I'm not shopping, I'm not breathing. Embracing the cozy season with consumerism. It's not all bad - there's a fresh bread scented candle that is so good, I'm convinced the universe whispered the idea for it into some Yankee Candle employees ear like the MF gospel. Did they get a raise and promotion? I think so. 

2 || INTO IT

Good News Graphic
Finally, some good news

Bedroom Inspiration

T Shirt Wisdom


Nothing says hygge + cozy  + fall quite like a pumpkin scented candle. Real talk: I burn Christmas tree scented candles all year long. 

4 || LINKS

This week's report out on how I procrastinated instead of finishing article pitches. 

Jim Carrey as Joe Biden. I'm into it. And just glad to see SNL back in the office and on the air. 

A Fall To-Do List that doesn't include cliche apple picking or pumpkin spice lattes? Oh, sign me right up. 

Why doesn't anyone ask Pence about this? It's problematic, but mostly I think it would have been hilarious to see him try and explain it on live television. 

Related: if you don't know what I'm talking about, VP Pence once wrote a fun article about how the 1,500-year-old story of Mulan is liberal propoganda that might - gasp - suggest women can serve in the military. His conclusion? Verbatim: "Moral of the story: women in military, bad idea." You know why? Because women are attractive and there might be orgies. 

I was just talking about this with a friend this week. Can you imagine having a new baby during a pandemic

October Horoscopes. Man, I hope mine comes true. 

Never heard of this place, but seems like its worth a visit.


We're all about spooky szn over here, but since I have a small child, I'm leaning more cute than scary. Although he did surprise me by being WAY into Nightmare Before Christmas. This is a kid who's afraid of Marshmallow on Frozen, so I thought every single part of Tim Burton would burn his little eyes. Guess I don't know my own kid. 



Friendly refresher: how to make any picture your iPhone background wallpaper

6 || PLANS

The primary plan is business as usual: wander around, find donuts and cider, and discuss all the ways to carve a pumpkin. Duke is obsessed and I scooped up just a small pie pumpkin from a grocery store, explaining that we don't really have enough room in the camper for a big pumpkin. He's cheerful enough about it and that night, I saw his little arm wrapped around the pumpkin like it was a baby while he slept. He has since used a marker to draw happy, sad, and mad faces on it and I love seeing his sweet imagination at work. 

Related: about seven battery-operated candles live inside this pumpkin trick-or-treat bag.


Halloween Trick Or Treat Pumpkin |

 Happy weekending friends!

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