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Hey guys! Happy Halloween week! Emotionally, I think this weekend is going to be a rollercoaster. Duke has been asking if it's Halloween every day since probably August 15. I say no, but it is Halloween season and that's mollifying. Imagine when I finally say "yes buddy!" - the high is going to be unreal. And then, the very next day, when he asks again, I say no. Then he asks if it's Halloween season and I say no again. I'm anticipating a huge downer. 

But Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, so I'll be hyping the heck out of that. Carbs, cupcakes, tryptophan. I just hope I can make it sound as magical as putting on a costume, walking around the neighborhood, and coming home with a bucket full of candy. For some reason, I'm thinking it just might not sound as awesome. 

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In case you missed it, here's what I posted on the blog this week. 

My pre-road trip packing list was so laughably bad, but I got it together just in time to live out of a shoebox. Here's my packing tips and a look at everything I packed for our east coast road trip. 

PS - We sold our camper. 

Ladies night at the club! Book club that is. Here's what I read in October

Now that we're finally home, here's what we've been up to lately



Making the happy transition from spooky szn to cozy season, with my fingers crossed so hard for snow to hold off until at least December. Dreaming's free folks!

Lace Up Boots
Cozy Season



You just can't go wrong with the basics. Anyone else noticing a resurgence of corduroy though? 2020 is such a weird year in every single way.



Directing you to actual writers. Also, if you love self-deprecating humor nicely rooted in actual insecurities, you can sit with me!

Election Day is (finally!) almost here. I'm ready for all this madness to be over, but frankly, I think it's far from the end. In the meantime, let's laugh! The cast of Superbad is reuniting for an election night watch party. I'm in. 

How would your fav fictional character deal in the current COVID crisis? My imagination: Rachel would online shop for a designer mask while Monica makes everyone brush their teeth with hand sanitizer before coming in the apartment. Ross would have to postpone a wedding while Chandler and Joey quarantined on their LA-Z Boys. They better not run out of pizza because JOEY DOESN'T SHARE FOOD. 

Is choosing a name also choosing a fate? Much like horoscopes, I find these to be broadly accurate enough to make us feel so dang seen. 

Related: if you're still trying to find out who you are - and you like seasonality - may I suggest discovering which scary movie character you are, or which Halloween candy matches your personality? I'm a Kit-Kat. Ha!

At first, I thought this was so rude, it couldn't possibly be real. But then I remembered how people privately think really shitty things about women who aren't 23 anymore, and also people say really shitty things when they're drunk. 

This is for you, moms: free printables for kiddos who love a little busywork. We loved this Halloween scavenger hunt and create your own jack-o-lanterns



Remember how I just said Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday? Yeah, I wasn't kidding. These babies have been sitting in my "finished" pile for almost a month now, just waiting for their rightful place on my phone screen. 

And a friendly reminder, here's how to make one of these your phone wallpaper background





Still waffling on our actual Halloween plans. Trick-or-treating is still on here at home but we also have a party invite to consider. The party will be a blast, but I'm still in the COVID-is-real camp, so I'm weighing the ROI on that one. As usual, I'll probably be making my decision around 4pm on Saturday afternoon and it will be entirely based on how ambitious I am. 

After that, it's cozy season, so I'll be pinning a million soup recipes to my Soup Sunday board and asking Ryan to go ahead and stoke that fireplace again, wouldja. I also bought a puzzle and have become fully obsessed, so as you can see, things are about to get WILD. 

Happy weekending friends! 

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