Life Lately | October 29, 2020

 Hey guys. We're home. 

Home in Michigan in October |

I'm so glad we made it back in time to enjoy fall in Michigan. It's cold, but man it's been beautiful. It's long been my stance, but even after traveling, my life dissertation is titled "There's No Better Place Than Michigan, Except Anywhere Else in January." 

Please see the evidence: Crystal Lake in October. I rest my case. 

Crystal Lake in Beulah, Michigan in October |

Anyway, we're sliding into a mix of old and new routines over here. Ryan picked up his work right where he left off and there's pretty much a used car lot in my driveway. We also sold our camper, bought a new one (new to us - this is important because it's an oldie!), and he has the usual rotation of cars and projects on his hands. 

As for Duke and me, we're just enjoying spending our time together. I've been a mom for 4+ years, but working full-time for most of them, so we're sort of figuring out our days at home together. We've got a little bit of a routine and I have a feeling the rest of the details will sort themselves out eventually. 


Fall in Michigan

Ready for this one again? 4 is the best age. For real this time. 

Taking a Walk in Frankfort, Michigan in October |

He's just so fun to hang out with and he delights in all the silly festive things I do. We've been to the pumpkin patch more than once this week, carving pumpkins, eating donuts, and taking nice long walks to see the houses that go nuts with lights and decorations. Our favorite kind of people, naturally. 

Quesadilla with Jack-a-Lantern Cut-Out |
Carving Pumpkins |

Donut Eyes |


Catching Up With Family

We've also been socially distantly visiting family that we haven't seen in months. Obviously traveling kept us seriously distant, but also some folks we're barely allowed to see. Ryan's grandma has been quarantined in her room since March and I just feel for her. Most of us at least get to run out to grab some groceries, or take a walk outside, and just get a tiny reprieve, which feels so necessary. When we got back into Michigan, we masked up and knocked on her window. Not quite cookies and milk at Grandma's, but it was nice to just see each other in real life. 

Masked Up to Visit Grandma |


Enjoying What's Left of October

Duke's pretty set on being a "bird-eating-spider" which I think is a halloween creation of his very own. We spend a lot of time scrolling DIY spider costumes on Pinterest and sadly for him, I think he overestimates my do-it-yourself abilities. We'll see how things shake out. 

In the meantime, I'm wandering around with Duke, enjoying hot cocoas, visiting every pumpkin patch this side of the 45th parallel, and pretty much living on donuts and roasted pumpkin seeds. 

Hot Chocolate Walk in Frankfort, MI |
Festive Donuts for Fall |
Nugent Orchards in Frankfort, Michigan |
Jack-o-Lanterns at Home |


Thoughts on Halloween? Are you cool with trick-or-treating, or planning a candy frenzy at home?

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