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Jack the Lhasa Also |

I posted this picture on Instagram the other day and at least three people didn't know we have this dog too. Ha! That's great. He's our good dog, which doesn't lend much to a bloggable funny story, so I guess he doesn't get featured here very often. Meanwhile, George hogs all the attention usually by just blasting in the room, 100lbs at full speed, and when he thinks we're getting a little lax on acknowledging his constant presence, he punishes us by opening the child-locked cabinets and dragging trash all over my house. Sometimes I'll find a loaf of bread in Duke's bed with George curled around it. He doesn't eat it. He just wants to make sure I know his power to reach above the microwave and destroy my day. 

Anyway, this is Jack and he is 25lbs of pure good pupper. He's happy enough to lay on a sunny patch of carpet for the rest of his life, wandering down the stairs every once in a while only when he hears food being poured in his bowl. He never tries to sneak on the bed and even if he could reach the bread on the counter, he wouldn't dream of touching it. Long live Jack. 

This feels like an odd life lesson. You know how they say "well-behaved women rarely make history"? Jack feels like proof that you gotta stir shit up to get any attention in this world. 


1 || ICYMI

In case you missed it, here's what I posted on the blog this week.

Postcard from part 2 of our trip in the northeast pocket of the US. 

Related: 5 of my favorite pit-stops along the way. Can't miss places to visit in  New England.

And in case you missed last week's links post, that's here too

And on Instagram, I'm sharing my strategy for making it through the workweek


2 || INTO IT

You know, for me October is like finally losing some weight and fitting into my basic white girl jeans. They didn't fit in August or September, but in October, I shimmied those babies on and I am all about this fall stuff. I might even try a PSL. 

A Pile of Jack-O-Lanterns
Please and Thank You
Orange Corduroy Pants



BRB. Just trying to dupe every single item in the above photo.


4 || LINKS

In this weeks episode of Every Rabbit Hole I Fell Down on the Internet Instead of Cleaning My Kitchen: 

I am so grateful for you

Have you seen the new Olaf short? It was released on DisneyPlus TODAY. 

8 Days to Halloween. If you enjoy a spooky podcast as much as I do, you can't go wrong with these recommendations

A case for 50

Last week I asked if any of you had any ideas for winter activities to look forward to. Since exactly none of you answered, my guess is that we're all perplexed. This might help

Horoscopes: seems like an appropriate time to consult with voodoo and hocus-pocus.

Oooh. Food accounts to follow on Instagram. Nothing like feeling inspired and inadequate at the very same time!

We've carved three pumpkins and I'm positively stuffed with pumpkin seeds. These no-carve painted pumpkins are looking extra attractive right about now. 



Here's a friendly PSA | ALL of the Harry Potter movies are on Peacock for free, the entire month of October. I had to download the app and create an account, but it was free, so no biggie and now I'm singing/humming "double double toil and trouble, something wicked comes this way" all the time.  

Harry Potter Great Hall


6 || PLANS

A couple of things actually! As this goes live, I'm on a day trip with Duke and my mother-in-law, visiting Frankenmuth, Michigan. If you've never been, it's basically Christmastown, with a giant Christmas store, competing fried chicken restaurants, and a fun full-time Bavarian theme. The last time I was there, Duke was 2 months old and I spent most of my time in Bronners nursing him in the bathroom (where I'm delighted to report that they had a cozy area set aside for that). Anyway, Duke is so into festive over-the-top things and I think he's really going to have a blast today. 

Other than that, I'm completely obsessed with replacing the carpet in my house. We refinished the wood floors about a year ago, which did a beautiful job making the carpet look like complete shit. Ryan and I are planning to do some carpet shopping over the weekend. In terms of everything, he likes beige and I prefer gray, so wish us luck in compromising! We're both salespeople so our powers of persuasion with each other are epically non-effective. 

Thanks for hanging with me for another week of links! I'll be guzzling coffee and praying for a Santa-sighting to help keep my wildman in line for the rest of the year. Ha!

Petals and Perks Coffee in Frankfort, Michigan |

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