Into It: Fall Things

Fall Foliage at Home

We're still wandering around the east coast this week, so please enjoy this fall foliage that I wish I could transport to my own front yard. 

Okay, I know I talked a lot of smack about fall back in August, and I don't take any of it back, but now that we're securely locked into October, I'm down for fall. Everything in time, right? Except summer, I start that hype in March.  I guess I like what I like. 

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If you've been here a few times, you already know that I love the KJP lifestyle. The Happy Camper crewneck feels especially appropriate in this season/season of my life. Also, would you please just trust me on the bread scented candle? When I was pregnant with Duke, I ate bagels like it was my job and also burned this candle to appease my carb cravings. I've never looked back. It makes my whole house smell like I'm a much better baker than I actually am. Duke B is a big Little Blue Truck fan, so we've got all of the books for every season. Beep beep!

Happy weekend friends! And happy October!

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