We Sold Our Camper

Man, this one hurts to write. I don't know why possessions mean so much, but watching that baby pull out of the driveway for the very last time was kind of emotional. 

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We got serious about going on a road trip in June 2019 and Ryan immediately replaced his normal craigslist obsession with looking for a camper. It was all we talked about for the entire summer and I started going bonkers with all the options. It was also around the same time that Ryan was in an accident on his motorcycle that left him in a wheelchair for a few months. He had plenty of time and probably needed the mental outlet that searching for a camper provided. Things work out, you know? 

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We finally found the perfect camper at the end of that summer. And man, was she ever perfect. Low miles, super clean, and a big queen-sized bed that would barely fit the two adults, toddler and 100lb dog that would inevitably sleep on it every night. We took it home, used it a couple times and then stored it for the winter. Ryan dreamed about adding a steering stabilizer (whatever that is) and I dreamed about new flooring. For the record, we did both. 

Replacing the Flooring in Our Camper | biblio-style.com

That's all very cool, but obviously the emotional part comes from living in it for four months and it being our home while we were out living our dream. So cliche, but there are just so many good memories attached to that camper. We went coast to coast in that thing, covering 26 states and 15 national parks. Ryan flouted city ordinances so I could take pictures in Kennebunkport (which is decidedly NOT camper friendly, like, anywhere). We hosted some of our favorite friends and routed ourselves to meet up with people we love in California, Indiana, and the Ozarks, cheers-ing so many drinks, celebrating birthdays, and seeing incredible places. 

Absolutely No Stopping | biblio-style.com

I think the camper went to a really good home and I'm excited for the folks who are planning their own westward road trip. They have a dream to live out too, but if I'm honest, a little piece of my heart went with them. 


But PS - we bought another camper. Our traveling days are not over. 

Born Free Vintage Camper | biblio-style.com

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