Packing for a Fall Road Trip | What to Wear and How to Build a Fall Wardrobe Capsule When You're Packing Light

Before I got really into road trip traveling, I had this habit of thinking that, on vacation,  I *might* want to wear everything that I never actually wear at home, so I'd pack it. That dress that fits a little wonky? Bring it. 

Lol forever. I would never wear it. Duh. It just got a little vacation in my suitcase for a week or two. 

So anyway, when we moved into our camper earlier this year, I learned how to pack for a road trip because I had approximately one square foot of room to fit clothes. I had to get a little more realistic and make sure everything worked with each other because, with those kinds of space restrictions, I couldn't afford a bad decision. I learned the art of a very small capsule wardrobe for my fall travel. 

Obviously, your packing list might not look exactly like mine, but here's a breakdown of how I made my decisions about what to pack, and then my actual list. 

Packing for a Fall Road Trip |

Tips for Packing for a Fall Road Trip

Go with neutrals. Including your version of neutrals. 

I consider orange to be a neutral because I wear a lot of it and have a lot of stuff that goes with it. Another example of not-technically-neutral is how Jessica Garvin works blush pink into damn near everything. It works. As you're grabbing things and shoving them in your duffel bag, pick stuff that goes together. Black, white, gray, and tan are obvious, but if you have a "signature" color, I'd suggest taking that too. It'll feel comfortable and easy to wear, which is huge when you're living on the road and out of a suitcase. 

Bring layers. Fall weather is weird. 

My fall road trip took me to the northeastern corner of the USA in September and early October, so the weather ranged from the mid-70s, straight down into the 30s and 40s. Some gorgeous sunny days, and a handful of pounding rain. Weather is weird! Assume you'll be cold and just pull off layers as the day warms up. 

Stretch is your friend. 

The unpleasant truth about your travel wardrobe is that you'll probably wear things a few times before washing them. I recommend choosing pieces with a bit of stretch. It'll hold its shape after a few wears and is, most importantly, comfortable. 


What to Pack for Fall Travel

(1) Long Sleeve Tee | I live in Target t-shirts and this black one fit the stretchy and neutral bill. And I think it was $8. 

(1) Light Jacket with Hood | Another Target find. Mine's old, so I linked something similar.  Anyway, this one doubled as a rain jacket and stacked with a sweatshirt, was plenty warm for early fall. 

(2) Short-Sleeve Tees | I brought two, but only wore this cream-colored one. I recommend keeping your tees neutral so they'll fit with everything. 

(2) Stretch Jeans | American Eagle is and forever will be my go-to jeans spot. I wore these probably every other day for two weeks and they never lost their shape. 

(1) Pullover | Specifically, I wanted a pullover that looked sort of nice for days when we were out and about. It's a fleece, so it was really warm, but also put together enough to feel like I didn't necessary *look* like I was traveling. 

(3) Leggings | Duh. I packed these for comfort. Bonus: they're great for naps when someone else is driving. 

(1) Hoodie | Less put-together than the pullover, but definitely worth its weight for simply being a comfort item. 

(1) Hat + Scarf + Mittens | You might need them, you might not, but you won't be sorry for using up the small amount of space they take for a just in case scenario. 

(1) Comfortable Shoes | We have a 25' camper so when we roll into town, we generally find a parking spot (spoiler, RV parking is always further away) and would walk everywhere. Shoes you can storm the town in are, in my opinion, a top-level priority. 


Full disclosure, I also had two pairs of my favorite $14 leggings because I wear them alllllll the time, and a pair of flip-flops for bombing around campsites. 

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