Stop Complaining | September 22, 2023

Stop Complaining //

 Stop complaining. 

It's not profound, but in my endless scrolling, I landed on a lovely picture of a coastline somewhere with text imposed over it: Stop complaining. 

A strange visual combination, but what a wonderful command. Sometimes I just need to be shaken, as if by a parent, and words will often do the trick. 

I'm in the thick, muddy part of "nothing changes if nothing changes" and I'm so quick to complain. It's easier than say, doing something about it. I've told myself that I'm hanging on by a thread, but could I perhaps use that as a rope to pull myself out? I think so. I think I shall. 

How do you get out of a rut? Has anything "shaken" you recently?


Consuming -

some fun seasonal things to enjoy in this short, lovely fall season

Glass Onion // A Knives Out Mystery - Netflix

A kitschy whodunit with a huge cast of superstars. Featuring a character named Duke, which you know, we always enjoy over here. 

Fairy Tale - Stephen King

My favorite King variety, which is to say, weird but not scary. Our protagonist, a high schooler named Charlie, discovers a portal to another world in his neighbors shed. 

Fall Flavors

My Pinterest boards overfloweth with this showstopper cake, this admirable apple cider DIY, and then this more realistic pumpkin pie upgrade. Here's everything else I've pinned to inspire myself this fall

Breakfast in a Nancy Meyers Kitchen // Spotify Playlist

Nancy Meyers has become a whole genre of movie, I guess and it's not my brand really, but I do enjoy a good easy to listen to playlist


Shopping Break -

Nostalgic for the days when I could dress Duke. He's very particular now, so I would be wasting my funds to buy this seasonal sweatshirt for him, but I do really love it. 

He will, however, let me read to him - and what a delight! I'm stocking up on spooky books for a long halloween season. 

Okay okay! I do not fancy myself a McKenzie Childs kind of gal, but here we are

I am loving this two-piece knit (top + skirt) set from Old Navy (what a surprise!) and this knit dress. As usual, I'm envisioning myself having way more motivation to get dressed in the AM than I'll actually have. Sigh. 

Any of you Poshmark-ers? I scored a vintage Coach bag for a smoking price last week, and now I am scrolling in perpetuity. 

Any good seasonal finds? I'm NOT complaining, but I am exercising a favorite coping method, which is obviously shopping. Whatcha got?


PS - there’s some affiliate links in here. But aren't they everywhere? Click cautiously, because I may earn a couple pennies if you click on something.

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