Things to Look Forward to | September 2023

Things to Look Forward to |

I ordered a new winter coat this morning because I am telling myself that I shall find glimmers any freaking where and shopping is a glimmer in my life. September is usually a sister to April - couple warm days, couple cool days - but the cold weather is really coming in. Of course, I had hopes for a long Indian summer, but it's been really chilly at night, so I had to perk myself up by at least dressing the part. 

I've also found myself falling asleep at 8:30 because it's so dark. It's funny how our routines are so driven by the seasons and daylight hours. I'm slipping right back into my winter self. Sad, sleepy, and always bundled up. 

Anyway, going back to glimmers, I went to dinner with Ryan's sisters last night and we chatted about keeping a list of things your grateful for, to help shift perspective, and so here are a few things I know I can look forward to in the next month or so - 

- Binge watching Only Murders in the Building and other spooky things. 

- Blanket season and rewatching old familiar favorites like Mad Men and Sex and the City while scrolling Pinterest for fall things. 

- Reading a Harry Potter book in October. I might sneak a movie too. I resolutely do not watch these movies in my house around Duke because I want so much for him to experience the magic of reading the books for the first time. 

- Mulled, hot wine in a mug and drinking it while sitting on the front porch. 

- The brief seasonal slow down at work. I'm dreaming of a full 40 hour week that doesn't include any heart racing.

- Roasting a chicken on Sunday afternoons. I'd like to cook my way through a cookbook as a winter project too. Very Julie and Julia style. 

- I decided to order Faerytale by Stephen King. I like to buy things and tell myself that I deserve them, but really I just want a spooky-ish book to look forward to next month. 

- Currently sporting witch nails - long, pointy, somewhat aggressive looking (and excellent for scratching itches), and painted dark burgundy red.

- I placed a big old fall refresh order this week too. New Abercrombie jeans, that coat, a pair of burgundy cords. And you know who has great a basics and never gets the credit? Target, that's who. 

- Also the most midwestern brag - I have been on the hunt for a classic, goes-with-everything Coach bag, and I found one. On Poshmark. For such a smoking deal. 

I'm also getting the itch to start some house projects. When I'm stuck inside, I suddenly start noticing things like peeling paint, or the sharpie mural from 2018 that I never properly covered. Ze artiste, Duke  B Hodges, is still accepting accolades. 


Last night, I perched up on the patio at The Cabbage Shed, for probably the last patio meal I'll have there this summer (I'm so melancholy for the lasts) and just enjoyed the seasonal shift. You know, eating outside, but also pulling my jacket tighter around me. The boats still in their slips. The transition seasons are always so moody for me, but I'm also feeling inspired for the last hundred days or so of 2023. 

I am really resolved to turning this goddamn car around. Honestly, I don't know how, but I certainly know that putting my foot on the gas is always the first step. 

Things to Look Forward to |

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