Black Friday Stuff | November 24, 2023

I don't know how we became a culture that requires everyone with a social media account to put together a gift guide, but here we are. I do not have a guide for you, but I am going to share a few I've stumbled on because some people really do a nice job of curating (and stick around because some are so absurd, I laugh heartily)  -

Food Forward Gifts // The Stripe

I'm a big fan of consumable gifts, so this is right up my alley. 

For the aspiring writer (and other people, too) // No One Asked, But. 

Just interesting stuff that not every other influencer is hawking. 

The Extremely Opinionated Gift Guide for Elementary School Children // Handpicked by Alex Steele

For some reason, influencers love to put together gift guides for children and yet, they are seemingly unaware that sometimes children are boys. Sparkly tutus are lovely, but you know, so are legos. This guide is a nice mix and again, not the same ten things that all the lazier influencers are gift guiding. 

For sheer laughs, I love this Goop guide for kids. Honestly, I click on these just to see how other people live. To set the vibe, there's a $200+ stuffed animal, a $3,000 rocking horse, and a $400 cardigan. 

Oh, and then this is Goop's "ridiculous" gift guide, in case you don't consider a $400 cardigan to be ridiculous enough. Rich people are hilarious. 


Black Friday stuff -

Black Friday Stuff |

Shopping is my coping mechanism. Some people drink, others do cocaine. I shop but unlike Gwyneth and Goop, I'm not here to lead you into financial ruin. Here's a couple deals I'm pulling the trigger on this weekend -

Glossier - 25% sitewide. I really love the balm dot com, and I picked up this Cookie Butter variety. I've not tried these, but it felt like a good time to give them a whirl: this Futuredew serum, and this You rollerball

Anthropologie - 30% off everything. 50% off sale items. Lots of just interesting stuff. I got this 70's inspired headband. Am I a headband girl? We'll find out. 

Rifle Paper Company - 35% off most things. Particularly good if you're the type that is inspired by a fresh new calendar. They have really beautiful ones. Personally I'm here for this bougie Christmas mug, featuring a winking Santa Claus. - 35% off everything. One of my favorite online shops. As if I need more footwear, these checker sneakers and these smiley socks are both a strong yes please

I'll edit as I shop today. Godspeed if you participate. 

** added stuff

I accidentally bought a pair of pajamas for breasting feeding. lololol. It looked comfortable! I didn't see the "nursing" thing until I'd placed my order. Honestly I still feel good about it. 

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