Bits and Bobs | November 17, 2023

Well, I can tell you that I will be very busy this weekend for a number of reasons, but primarily because part 1 of the last season of The Crown came out on Netflix today, and after I leave work tonight, I'm not getting off my couch until I've binged the entire GD thing. 

That's sounds like hyperbole, but do not underestimate the level of slob kabob I can become. 

November 17, 2023 |

In other news, I'm taking next week off work and it is my first week long vacation of the entire year. I've taken a couple Fridays off throughout the year, but that is it and guys, I'm so burned out. I regret waiting this long honestly, but the past is in the past and I am THIS CLOSE to becoming that aforementioned slob kabob. Duke still has school through next Wednesday, and then we'll travel downstate to see family for the weekend. I think I'll finally tackle some painting projects around the house and maybe put up the Christmas tree, but I'm not actually planning to be particularly productive. It's self indulgent to say this, but: I need a break. 

Oh, anyone else still being completely fucked with by Daylight Savings? I have been waking up without fail everyday at 3:30am. Then I lay there and try to fall back to sleep, and sometimes do for another 25 minutes. I usually give up by 4:30 and I'm downstairs drinking my first cup of coffee. Duke's still getting up early too, but thankfully waits until about 6am. It's so weird to me how much a single hour change can wreck my body's rhythms. Who's in charge of this, anyway? 

Last bit - The Crown has obviously consumed me since early October, and it inspired me to give a full series rewatch to some of my old obsessions. It's a nice way to pass the winter, I think. I've got Mad Men and Grey's Anatomy on list. Any good recommendations? 

For something more seasonal, this list of fall movies to stream is fun time burner for the next week or so. 


Shopping Break

November Buys |

I bought two of these 2'x3' washable rugs for my kitchen and I love them so much, I'm considering getting a bigger version to replace the rug in my dining room. 

I'm deep in a project to cozy up my home and I found this $12 lamp to light up a dark corner in my dining room. Tiny, but mighty (in an ambient way). 

While you're over at Target, let me just send you to the shoe aisle. I finally bought these knock off potato shoes and GD it, I love them. I was resistant, but one slide of the foot into them and I remembered immediately why I loved them so much in high school. 

And these holiday sparklers! What a deal. 

I usually buy my own Christmas gifts, wrapping those babies up and pretending to be super surprised on Christmas morning. This fire engine red Yeti is on my shortlist. 

Okay, Old Navy. I don't usually shop ON but probably because my local store is frankly underwhelming. I am intrigued by some online finds like this 1/2 zip and these slippers. I ordered both, so I'll report back. 


That's it for me this Friday - happy weekending! 

PS - My #1 (and basically only) parenting rule.  And more ramblings

PPS - there are some affiliate links in here, but aren't they everywhere? If you click on a link, they'll throw me a couple pennies for our combined hardwork, so I guess click with caution. 

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