Best One-Liners of 2020 - So Far

You know, usually January feels like such a long month to me. But this year, it's pretty average. Like, not any better or worse than the rest of the cold months. I was in my kitchen earlier this week, really early in the morning, and it occurred to me that I didn't mind that it was cold. I'm a summer gal, and I'd definitely prefer 75-degrees and all my windows open, but I don't know, it just didn't bother me to be bundled up. I'd like to suggest it's because I'm getting better about worrying less about things I don't have control over, but it's probably more like I'm actually only better at taking multivitamins and maybe I have enough vitamin C or D or whatever one the sun makes.

Anyway, that spiraled.

Today I wanted to just share a few quick one-liners I've stumbled on since the beginning of the year. Nothing earth shattering, but they all gave me pause. It's nice to have pause, you know? Just when something knocks you enough that you want to write it down and remember it for a little while.

Rachel Parcel - Pink Peonies // Life is busy and full of decisions of where to spend time. You will always have to disappoint someone. Don’t let it be your husband or children.

Tyler Calder - Girls Night In // Whenever I'm heading into a job interview, tough life decision, or a big day, my college best friend, Izzy, is always first in line to shoot me a text. "Good skill today," she'll say….Please note that she doesn't say good luck, and that's completely intentional.

Kelly - Studio DIY // Small goals, small changes, small shifts. Big impact.
Jessica Silsby // Guilt and stress do more damage to your body than chocolate cake ever will.

Tough Love
James Clear - Your current habits are perfectly designed to deliver your current results.

And what I'll be forcing myself to consider as I go forth with all my decisions this year:

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