How I'm Keeping My Goals On Track in 2020

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Can you guys believe we're almost 2-weeks into the new year? Any old time now, those resolutions that were all shiny and new a hot minute ago are going to start getting a little shaky. This is going to be a realllllly long marathon, you know?

I have a couple of goals that have been on my list for a few years now and man, I'm just so tired of feeling defeated when literal years go by without making them happen. I've kind of discovered that the all or nothing method just doesn't work for me, so instead, here's where I'm putting my effort:

Write Them Down 

I’m starting with the stuff that “experts” always say (Goal Keeping Expert - what a job!), but honestly it’s because it works. I have an index card clothes-pinned to my corkboard with all of my 2020 goals written down. I literally see it anytime I jump on my computer, so whether I’m scrolling Facebook or writing this blog, they’re right there, staring me down and providing enough guilt to remind me to get my shit together.

Every Damn Day List

 Okay, here’s another one I got from Sarah over at Yes and Yes. I use this list to stay on top of small daily tasks that add up. For instance, here’s what’s on my EDD list: 15 minute HIIT workout, skincare routine (wear that SPF dammit!), read something for 10 minutes and journal. It’s a short list but it’s manageable, whether it’s crazy Monday or lazy Saturday.

I think Kelly said it best: Small goals, small changes, small shifts. Big impact.

(I linked Kelly's blog because it's a great read, but if you click that link, I want to give you a heads up that she talks about miscarriage, which is obviously a difficult subject for many. FYI!).

 2020 Vision Board 

I’ve never done this before, but I’m a gal who can appreciate a trend, and why not? Worst it can do is not work. I made a Pinterest board filled with pictures that I think either signify or motivate me to keep my foot on the gas. So basically lots of pictures of people drinking margaritas on a beach and writing in coffee shop windows while a light drizzle falls romantically on each pane.

Here's my "in progress" vision board.

Monthly Goals to Break Up the Year

You know the phrase “how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time” right? Well, yeah. I’m taking that approach this year, setting monthly challenges to help me pace out big goals and enjoy small achievements through the year. I’m trying to save a specific amount of money this year, so in January, I decided to challenge myself to bring lunch from home each day. I probably spend $10/lunch going out, so saving $50/week can add up pretty significantly.

And the bonus is all the warm fuzzy feelings of achieving something really early on. I mean, nothing fuels a fire or builds momentum like a success.

Be Okay With Moving On 

Honestly, this is what motivates me the most to get started. I know that in fact, I am a quitter. I quit books I can’t get into, Spanish III when it felt like a waste of time (and sucked), and sometimes, goals. It makes me less afraid to make a goal when I know that I’m comfortable with giving it up if working towards it isn’t making me feel very good. And that doesn’t mean giving up on hard things because they’re hard, but rather being in-tune with myself and understanding that life happens and sometimes things aren’t right, or aren’t the right time.

Also, here’s a harsh truth I need to hear, because I’m way to concerned with other people’s perceptions of me and quitting you know, has a “you failed!” feeling to it. Pretty much nobody cares about anyone else’s goals anyway (right, we’re all too focused on ourselves) and so it’s totally okay to move on. Nobody is going to be that bummed out except me.

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