LIFE LATELY | January 12, 2020

Hello hello! Happy Sunday. I don't know about you, but I was told there'd be a big winter storm this weekend and frankly I'm bummed out that it never came. Because now not leaving my house for 48hours and watching every episode of The Crown sounds like I'm a slob-kabob, and not, you know, safety obsessed.

Actually, Duke's been driving me kind of bonkers this weekend. Ryan's ice fishing and so it's just me, Duke and the dogs, and what that means is D has one person to talk to and that's me. Yesterday was a very long day of "hey mom!" "lookit mom!" "guess what mom!" and "mom mom mom!" which sounds very sweet, but is also very tiring after, you know, a whole day of it on an every-30-second cycle.

I think I'm going to risk the mysterious weather and get out of this house today. Duke needs socialization and I need retail therapy.


Homemade Yogurt Fail 

In other news, I tried making yogurt last night, which I need to call out my Oma on, because she's been telling me for years that "its soooooo easy" and kind of sassily asking "oh, you don't like to save money?" when I comment that you can just buy it. Well, if it's so easy, why did I make yogurt soup?

FYI, I'm planning on pouring it into the store bought yogurt that's half eaten in my fridge and waiting for Ryan to notice. At least I'm going to get a laugh out of it.

He'll call me at work for that kind of BS.


Speaking of Fails, FB MarketPlace

I listed some Hunter boots on the FB marketplace earlier this week, which did sell, so there's a happy ending, but not before I completely fucking forgot.

Now, if you've never sold anything on FB, let me tell you first that in about 30 seconds, you'll have an inbox about 87 messages deep of "is this item still available" because FB makes it soooo easy to auto send that. So as soon as I remembered to check my inbox, I had a part-time job responding "yes" about a thousand times.

Well then I made a deal, gave the lady an address and said "let me know what time works for you." And promptly forgot about it AGAIN.

You guys, I felt like a monster. This lady showed up, sent me a zillion messages, said she called me (but I remain unconvinced mostly because I didn't give her my number) and then spiraled into "did you sell this to someone else" kind of aggressively, which I deserved.

I almost friggin just gave them to her because I felt so bad, but ended up trusting a stranger with my unlocked car, where I just left the boots and crossed my fingers that she'd leave the money and not steal my impressive collection of No Doubt CDs.

She was a decent human being (even hid the money nicely in my center console) but basically I learned my lesson. I'll laugh about this someday, right?


Enough of my weekly trauma. Happy Sunday guys, may spring be just around the corner. 

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