January Capsule Wardrobe

Hey guys. Remember last October when I tried out my first wardrobe capsule? Maybe not, because only I’m obsessed with my life, but the fun reminder is that I did and you know what else? I loved it. I’ve basically been operating from a capsule - refreshed each month - ever since and it has changed the way I get dressed in the morning.

So the idea of a capsule is to break down your daily wears into a small group of collaborative items so you can grab and go each morning. If you only have six shirts and two pairs of jeans to choose from, well that simplifies things, doesn’t it? No more shuffling through my entire closet trying to select my vibe for the day.

I’ve been semi-quietly doing this for a few months, but wanted to pop in to show you what I’m working with this January. I basically started with a color palette, built out a few options that I think will mix-and-match easily, picked my most seasonally appropriate shoes and called it a day. Since last fall, I’ve really been into rusty orange, so I made that my *pop* color, and kept everything else pretty neutral.

January Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

And while I’m a pretty budget conscious gal to begin with, I always have savings goals at the beginning of the year, so everything in this capsule is pretty affordable. I buy a ton of my closet from ThredUp, so those nicer brands like J.Crew and Banana Republic usually come thrifted from there, and then you can see that I give a lot of my money to Target, because those $8 shirts get me everytime. The Hunter boots were a little bit of a splurge, but this is my second pair and they’re really quality boots, so I justify that expense by comparing cheap to frugal. I’m frugal, y’all. I still found them for a smoking deal on Zulily and sold another unused pair of boots on Facebook Marketplace to kind of balance it out.

I thought it might be fun to just give you the complete breakdown. And by fun, I mean I always want to see the numbers and I’m just assuming we’re all the same. I'll link the stuff that's still available.

Buffalo Plaid Button Down - Target (a few years ago, on clearance) - $8.99
Camel Sweater - Banana Republic - Bought on ThredUp - $11.99
Rusty Orange Tee - Target - $8.00 
LL Bean Pullovers - Bought on ThredUp - $17.99
Gray Sweater - Target - $10.00
Olive Puffer Coat - Mountain Warehouse - $59.00 
Gray Scarf - Merona - bought on ThredUp - $5.99
Purse - Kate Spade (bought during a surprise sale last winter) - $129.00
Flare Jeans - American Eagle (years ago) - $16.99
Skinny Jeans - American Eagle (from Plato’s Closet, though) - $18.00
Olive Dress Pants - J.Crew - Bought on ThredUp - $11.99
Hunter Boots - Bought on Zulily - $79.00
Faux Sorel Boots - Target - Bought on ThredUp - $31.99
Ankle Boots - Macy’s - $59.00  (they're on sale for $37!!)

How to style a capsule wardrobe in January

 If you’re looking for more mature inspiration from folks who have more experience building these kind of capsules, I recommend starting with Jess Ann Kirby. Her closet is filled with beautiful neutrals that inspire me to be highly selective about the clothes I take home, which is probably the point.

 Happy FRIDAY!

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