How are you doing? | July 19, 2023

How are you doing? |

I tweaked my back a couple days ago on the trampoline with Duke. The embarrassing thing is that nothing even happened. I bounced for probably 30 minutes, just business as usual, and then that night, I was hobbling around like an old woman. Three days later, I'm still feeling the ache. 

This does not bode well for my birthday grievances, but I'm dutifully popping two Advils each morning because this too, shall pass. 

So what's new with you? We're now a little more than halfway through July, which stings a little until I looked at my work schedule and realized I still have two and a half incredibly busy months ahead of me. Suddenly the summer season is looking very long. This summer has been frankly very challenging at work and that leaks, gushes really, into my personal life. I'm staying optimistic though - just need to get through this week, I say. Week after week after week after goddamn week. 


Forced positivity is powerful though, and one of my coping mechanisms is to shift focus. If the house is on fire, I simply turned around and look at the house across the street. Boy, have they done a nice job with their landscaping. 

I'm looking forward to several things over the next couple of weeks and this is the landscaping that will distract me from the house burning down. 

The Fair | Hot and sweaty, waiting in line to run through the fun house with all the mirrors. The animals. The corndogs. The deepfried oreos. Slipping in to play a round of Bingo. 

Unplanned Weekends | That is to say, I have one wedding in August and aside from that commitment, every weekend until Labor Day is without plans. I intend to keep it that way. 

Okay, a little plans | Last summer, I took a random Tuesday in August  off work to take Duke to Michigan's Adventure, and I just requested a repeat PTO day for that. 

August | The dog days of summer. 

It's a good exercise to think to yourself "here's what's nice." You know, it's just a readjustment. Good things are always coming, and good things have always been there too. I just get so distracted by the hard stuff. 


How are you doing? 

How's your summer?

What are you looking forward to? 

I leave you with this, my new favorite Instagram to follow - Disappointing Affirmations - which lets me wallow joyfully in that which sucks. 

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