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Well, my birthday is coming up, so prepare yourself to read my many words pondering that transition for the next month or so. I really struggle with change and last week, I had to check an age bracket box on a form and I realized this is the last year I'm in the 28-35 range. One final year to enjoy this bracket. But then I thought that 35 sounds really comfortable. Old enough to be taken seriously, young enough to still be young. I think this is the last birthday I'm acknowledging. My mom was forever having her 29th birthday, but I think I'll settle into having 35th birthdays for the next few years.

Anyway! I always like to buy myself a full priced book for my birthday. Usually I wait for them to appear at my local thrift bookshop, because trust - they always do eventually. But on my birthday, I go ahead and skip the line and just get something brand spanking new. Here's what's on my wishlist for this year -

Birthday Book Wishlist |

1 // Fairy Tale - Stephen King

I'm not much for horror, but I do enjoy Stephen King's work. When he veers away from scary and leans into just weird, I hop aboard. Very excited to give this one a read. 

2 // Romantic Comedy - Curtis Sittenfeld

Two of my favorite books - The American Wife and Rodham - were written by Sittenfeld so I'm eager to read her most recent work. Frankly, it has 50/50 reviews, but - and this sound snotty - anyone who highly reviews Emily Henry's books doesn't really have great taste in my opinion so I'm taking those poor reviews with a grain of salt. I have high hopes for this one. 

3 // Spare - Prince Harry

I mean, obviously. There's a lot of "poor little rich boy" commentary around this, but I have a lot of empathy for this person. And also so very curious for what he needed to get off his chest in written format. 

4 // The Guest - Emma Cline

This one has very good reviews and came recommended by Cup of Jo, which I place high esteem. Sounds thriller-ish, so my guess is it's a one time read, but one to inhale. I once ignored my family for an entire weekend so I could get to the bottom of the Gone Girl case, and boy do I love that kind of temporary obsession with a book. It's a mental vacation where nothing matters aside from turning the page. 

5 // I'm Glad My Mom Died - Jeannette McCurdy

I too, have a complicated relationship with my mom and as cold as the title sounds, I listened to an interview with the author and found the whole conversation to be bright, illuminating, and nuanced. It wasn't a blanket "I hate my mom" conversation. It was actually a "I love my mom, but she was a flawed human" conversation. And aren't we all? Some worse than others, but still, all just humans. I've wanted to read this one ever since. 


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