Christmas 2019

Okay, we've got three more days to achieve every resolution we made last year and because procrastination is my favorite motivation, it's on over here. I'm getting manic. Last night, I cut my own hair and spent an hour googling "15 minute HIIT workouts" and "going plant-based."

So I think I need a brain break because the rabbit hole is right over there and I'm about to fall through it.

So let's talk about Christmas!

First thing, Duke had one dream this year and it was a remote controlled excavator, which I didn't even know existed, but Ryan found one and I haven't seen either one of those turkeys without the remote in their hands since.

We also got Duke a camera, which has been a blast. I can't wait to see the pictures he's been taking with family in and out all week.

We really didn't want a lot of clutter this year, so we kept the gifts on the light side. I let "something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read" really guide me and just seeing how delighted he is with a few really well chosen gifts was great. We end up throwing so many things out or giving them away, I am eager to take it down a notch so it feels less wasteful.

Here's a few highlights:

Ryan's wrapping paper. Ha!

Squeezing everyone in.

Squeezing everyone in v2.

The Festival of Trains.


We had a really great Christmas, complete with a nap, too much food, and tempered expectations. It's the expectations that kill me every year and this time I just accepted that Christmas is more stressful than magical for me, which at least took out some of the guilt I feel every year for not getting totally into it. We had a really great, relaxing day and that is just the best gift of all.

Happy Christmas and New Year, you guys.

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