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Hey guys - Merry Christmas Eve! Can we stand in solidarity and just wonder Carrie Bradshaw style where the heck December went? I'm delighted, but man, it went fast.

Hey, remember when I said I went grocery shopping for the last time this year because I hate going to Meijer - in general but especially - during the holiday season? Well, that fell apart. Ryan needed razors and I thought I could just run in real quick. False. You guys, it sucked. I texted Ryan that I was in hell and that just in case hell actually is a burning lake of fire + waiting in line to check out at Meijer on December 23rd, then we should think about getting our act together because it's not worth it.

And I mean you know I didn't just run in for razors. I thought I'd see if they had peppermint ice cream (they didn't) and I browsed the holiday wine selection which reminded me to grab another box of hot cocoa, and should I get some peppermint vodka while I'm at it? I definitely made my own bed, but man, grocery stores just bring out the worst in me. If you want to make me into a real bish, send me to a grocery store.



Starbucks Gingerbread House

Quotes about Stress Damage

Wild Revival Co Christmas Decor

And if beautiful Christmas things are your jam, here's a few of my favorites:
@KJP - The King of Christmas (and October).
@WildRevivalCo - The most inspiring home design.
@theseptemberchronicles - Christmas around the world.



We are very into Kacey Musgraves (and by "we", I obviously mean "me" and I'm taking my family down with me) so our Christmas music reflects that. Also worth a watch is the Kacey Musgraves Christmas special on Prime.

Other winners:
Hip-hop Christmas: only listen if there aren't children around and you enjoy laughing.
Christmas Cocktail Jazz: this is what we listen to in the morning.


3 || LINKS

  • If the Wild Revival Co picture above knocked your socks off, check out the full tour right here
  • I guess I'm the one bringing politics to Christmas this year. On my Christmas list
  • What I'm reading. Also in the middle of A Christmas Carol. I know the story, but I've never read it. 
  • Something fun: apparently I'm an "Italian at heart." What about you?

What I bought for other people that I want for myself:


5 || PLANS

Well, it's Christmas Eve and for me, that's a holiday. We're going to take Duke to see some Christmas trains and then I'm going to make the cheeseboard that I pretend is a tradition, but really I make one a couple times a week every week, so whatever.

Yesterday Duke peeped in my closet and gave me some motivation to wrap all the presents, so that's done. We're officially suited up for the holiday and looking forward to just enjoying.

Happy Christmas you guys. May all our kids sleep past 6am tomorrow.

Traverse City Michigan Christmas Window

Oh and happy indulging. We've got a week before we have to pretend to get our lives together for the best 2020 ever. Ha!

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