Rabbit Rabbit.

Happy December you guys. It's snowing big chunky flakes right now and it feels so apropos. This is the only time of year that I can appreciate the snow and even though I know it'll last until April, I'm down for the here and now. Let it snow, indeed.

In other news, I bought an Elf on the Shelf for Duke this year, so I'm studying Buzzfeed lists of precarious situations to stick this Elf into like it's the dang ACT that my entire future is riding on. Anyone do this? I'm holding off on bringing him out for another week or two, but prep work is my jam so the planning part is on.


It's been a while since I wrote a links post, so let's just jump in!


1 || INTO IT

Christmas lights. Every year, I get a little more annoyed with all the kitschy crap I bought in my 20's and leave more and more boxes of Christmas stuff out in the garage. This year, I want nothing but lots of twinkle lights and candles that smell like Christmas trees.



I've been looking for a laptop bag pretty casually for a year or so now and just never pulled the trigger anything. The hunt continues.

Fresh off two months of reading through the HP series, it's a little on my mind. So which book is the story of my life? According to this, it's Order of the Phoenix which is only a little depressing.

4 || LINKS

  • I plowed through a week's worth of work in the three days before the holiday weekend with this jamming in my AirPods. 
  • Podcast to make you cry-laugh: The Baby Sitters Club Club. Two grown men are reading through The Babysitters Club series and each episode is a recap of a book. It is one part nostalgic and twenty parts hilarious. 
  • Speaking of podcasts, I've been into A Beautiful Mess for the last few weeks. I'm 100% on board with Emma's suggestion that consumable Christmas gifts are best. I certainly don't need more stuff, so a tin of toffee or loaf of banana bread is so appreciated. Especially because I don't have to find a place in my house for something I didn't pick out (and feel obligated to keep it, etc). For the record, I include books and nail polish in the "consumable" category. 

December, according to Cosmopolitan, which obviously makes this even more serious.


I wrapped up the last Harry Potter book of 2019 -- made it through Goblet of Fire - and delightedly jumped into something new this weekend. I'm kicking off the holiday season with Holidays on Ice which is a little problematic, but has its shining moments.

7 || PLANS

Maybe a Christmas tree farm? I've been trying to locate something nearby, but it looks like I'll have a 30 minute drive, so this all depends on my ambition. I'd also like to spend my last day of a fairly busy holiday weekend laying in bed and watching Christmas movies, and I'm going to be honest, this desire is probably going to win out.

Happy Sunday you guys!

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