Hey guys, happy Thanksgiving. You should not trust me when I say this is my favorite holiday, because I think I say that about every holiday, but whatever. This is one of the best.

It's the season, you know, so I landed on this article and found it pretty interesting: I asked 10 people what they're grateful for and this is what they said.

In the same spirit, I want to get the big stuff out of the way first, because I hope it is obvious that I am grateful for my family and having a warm home and a job that gives me the resources I need to take care of Duke. The base level stuff is important, but I want to talk about the salt on the caramel that takes the good stuff and makes it next level good, you know?

  • I'm grateful to be the only early riser in my home. Extra grateful, because I spent almost 3-years with a baby who didn't sleep and now he does. Praise. 
  • I'm grateful for an affectionate child. I'm grateful that he is forever climbing into my lap or asking me to cuddle him. I'm also grateful that he kindly reminds me "don't say god damnit in front of me, Mommy." 
  • I'm grateful for automatic timers on coffee machines that let me wake up to a fresh pot at 5am.
  • I'm grateful for Stephen King and Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd and The Baby Sitters Club Club and My Favorite Murder and How I Built This and all four rows of books on CD at my library for countless commuter hours of entertainment. 
Happy Thanksgiving you guys. I'm grateful that you read here and that you let me feel like writing about Duke and my dogs and all the things that go wrong has some kind of hilarious purpose. 

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