Hey guys - happy Saturday! I really love this time of year, but man is it busy. Last weekend I went on an annual girls shopping trip with Ryan's family and I think just about every weekend from here until 2020 has something "annual" planned. I'm mostly looking forward to the annual "cook a turkey and stuff thineself with stuffing" at the end of the month.


Let's just really quickly catch up on Halloween. About two months ago, Duke got really obsessed with looking at halloween costumes with me on Pinterest and I really thought we'd come up with something interesting. Then, out of the blue, he asked me to be Superman, which is so weird because I have NO idea how he even knows about him. But he literally never waivered.

It was sleeting and really cold on Halloween, so we only lasted for about 20 minutes, but it was enough to fill his pumpkin.


Speaking of sleet, we got our first really good snow storm this week. And bonus, Ryan's been out of town since Sunday and neither of us really thought about putting snow tires on my car before he took off, so I was basically go-karting my way home on Thursday. Man, what a shit-show. It took me about an hour and 45 to get home, when usually it's a 25 minute drive tops.

Then, our street is a private drive, which sounds fancy, but just means that the county doesn't plow it. So there was some accumulation. Normally I keep it under 25mph, but I knew if I slowed down, I'd get stuck so I just hit it, blasting down the road and hitting just about every pothole on the way. It'd be funny if I didn't know that Ryan can feel when I hit potholes from 2500 miles away.

Ry is getting home today and I think we'll both be glad to get some snow boots on the VW.


Here's a bit of fun: Duke has picked up telling strangers "my daddy calls my mommy Boo-Boo, but her named Jennifer."

I guess it's not the worst thing he could tell people in the grocery store, but I take issue with the "Jennifer" bit. I don't think anyone has called me that since 1988 so I'm not even sure how he knows that. I guess from the same place that he knows about Superman.


So today I'm off for some "annual" wine tasting and getting some "annual" breakfast. Lol, just kidding, but only about the annual part. I really am day-drinking and eating pancakes.

Happy Weekending!

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