LIFE LATELY || November 23, 2019

Hey guys - happy Saturday! Is there anything nicer? Except maybe a Saturday in the middle of summer? PS get ready to hear me say that for the next six months. 

I  haven't been here in a while and I can tell you it's unequivocally because of Disney+. Duke and I have been on a marathon, watching everything he already loves (Toy Story, Cars, The Incredibles) and everything I'm forcing him to enjoy while I relish in the nostalgia (Aladdin, Lizzie McGuire, Home Alone). No question, it is the best $6 I've spent in a long time. 

Anyway, speaking of Duke, have I got a quick tale for you. He is inadvertently inspiring me to try new things, simply because he won't. 

So I randomly bought a half-gallon of chocolate milk, thinking that it would be a fun little treat for him and honestly, I was expecting a little excitement and maybe a "you da best, mama!" out of it. No. I pour him a glass and it's literally still in my fridge. He won't even taste it! And all my coercive "trust me, man" pep talks aren't swaying him even a little bit. 

He's adamant that he only loves white milk, and now I'm wondering what kind of chocolate milk experiences am I missing in this life, because I'm so satisfied with my boring white milk decisions that I won't even taste something this is astronomically better. 

I might be overdramatizing this, but I had a lot of time to think while I drink all that chocolate milk by myself. 


Hey, real quick, can I show you some bullshit?

Ryan's fortune cookie pops this aptly directed fortune out and suddenly I'm putting a little more stock in these things. 


Pretty low-key weekend on the agenda over here. I'm planning to put up my Christmas tree today with Duke since we'll be traveling next weekend. And then tonight is the Christmas tree lighting parade in Traverse City, so I think we might get ambitious and head there. 

Happy weekending friends!

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