2019 Classic Thanksgiving Playlist

You guys! You’re probably starting to think that I have zero frame of reference for time, because as usual, my socks are knocked right off my feet by how fast November went. I don’t even enjoy November, so it’s not like “time flies etc etc”, but whatever. One more cold weather month coming to an end just means I’m that much closer to summer. 

Perspective, eh? 

Anyway, Thanksgiving is the true shining highlight of November and my Thanksgiving playlist is one of my favorites. I started it a few years back and add to it every year. We actually listen to it year around since it’s a safe bet with Duke in my car. No bad words and all kinds of happy thoughts! The best is when he sings along. He’s got the “forever and ever amen” down pat thanks to Randy Travis.

I hope you love this playlist as much as we do! I’m so ready to dig into a bowl of mashed potatoes and spend the afternoon playing board games. Happy Thanksgiving week!

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