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Greetings from Montana Postcard |

So week two has proved to be a self-serving delight of oversaturating all of my social media with travel content. I finally figured a few things out — namely exporting short videos from my phone — and you can probably expect to hear my voice way more than you’d actually like. If I have service, I take full advantage of it. 

I hilariously planned to film videos through this whole trip without ever taking a second to learn how. I’m a millennial, I got this. If the 8-year old from Ryans World can do it and clear a million every month, I definitely can too. Lol forever. The first time I tried uploading a 28minute video to youtube from my computer, the universe laughed at me and threw up a 7 hour upload time. It felt like 1999 - I had a flashback to Limewire and file transfers that took until next week. 

In other educational news, I’ve learned that I’m perfectly okay with Duke serving himself hotdogs and roasting marshmallows for dinner. When Ryan says he’s not that hungry, I fall on my knees and thank the universe for small miracles. I have yet to figure out camper cooking, but I’m giving myself grace because otherwise I’ll give myself an aneurism. 

Anyway, let’s get into it. 


Listen, this place has a reputation for a reason. We’ve got a few more pitstops this trip, but so far, in my entire life, Yellowstone is the most incredible place I’ve ever been. It’s wild (literally and figuratively) - it has everything. There’s rocks and mountains, and then you scoot a few miles and you’re cruising through a valley with a river that looks like a friggin’ calendar picture. My socks were knocked off so many times. 

Yellowstone National Park |
See Ryan? 
Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park |
Waited our 90 minutes to watch Old Faithful. Would I do it again? Nah, but I'm glad we did it anyway. I'm only 31, and now I get to spend the next several decades saying I saw it. 
Waterfall at Yellowstone National Park |

The first night, we’re looking for a place to camp and Ryan rolls down this gravel road that’s immediately headed to a hill and if you remember last week, I still have PTSD about that, so when this random chick in a Subaru hopped out of her car and offered to let us pull in behind her, we went for it. Neighbors and a flat place to park? We’re in. We never talked to her again - she was gone before we got up in the AM but I wish her a life of bottomless pitchers of margaritas and beautiful sunsets. She deserves it. 

Duke was very curious about the geysers, particularly this treacherous boardwalk that is top-level serious about staying on the fucking walk. There are cartoon pictures of people falling off and dying. Frankly, I think that’s the bit Duke was most interested in. That and the idea that maybe they’re tiny volcanos, which is also right up his alley. 

Geyser at Yellowstone National Park |

The Tetons

A short scoot south of Yellowstone, we scored a rockin’ campsite that overlooked the mountains for two nights in a row. It was fairly populated, but also free, and I’m cool with both. I like a nice community. There was a family that travels full time that also carries a trailer full of bikes, including a tiny electric Harley with a real throttle. Guess who made fast friends with those neighbors. 

Tetons National Park |

Camping in the Tetons |

We spent an afternoon on Jenny Lake, which is truly one of the most beautiful places. It’s a lake surrounded by mountains with snow that melts into waterfalls. Shut up, right? 

Jenny Lake in Tetons National Park |

Boo hoo though. We had to hand launch the boat, so we pulled a ton of heavy stuff out of it when we were putting it back on the trailer. Forgot a couple poles and the trolling motor that were leaned up against a tree, and when we zoomed back to get it, it was all gone. It was never turned into the national park or picked up by any of the rangers, so some turd picked it up and considered it finders, keepers. I sincerely hope he never catches a fish again for all his life. Who steals a kid’s Toy Story fishing pole?

Big Sky, Bozeman, and Canyon Ferry, Montana

Most of the week was spent bopping between Yellowstone and the Tetons and we probably could have stayed a few more days without getting bored, but we're still on a mission to see a bear or moose and it wasn't happening, so we decided to take off. 

First thing, let me suggest that they don't call it Big Sky for nothing --

RVing Through Big Sky, Montana |

Night Sky in Big Sky, Montana |

Big Sky, Montana |

Bozeman was a quick scoot. It's a decently sized town with a Walmart (with mountains in the background, who knew that's all that is necessary to perk up a wally-world?!). We were in and out. 

On Friday, we found a BLM camping spot (FREE!) on Canyon Ferry Lake, where everyone just pulls up to the lake and uses their camping spot as a personal boat launch. I had dreams of mixing cocktails and laying on the beach all weekend, while Ryan had trout fishing twinkling in his eyes. PS - we grabbed new poles in Bozeman + some Panda Express because we use our resources effectively and efficiently. We stayed for two nights and did not put the camper in drive until Sunday morning. 

RV Camping on Canyon Ferry Lake in Montana |

Canyon Ferry, Montana |

Kalispell, Montana

Tonight we're in Kalispell, at a real RV campground with a sewer and water and electrical hook-up to recharge (literally) and get prepped for another week off the grid. We're about 30 miles from Glacier National Park, so that's on the agenda for tomorrow and later this week - fingers crossed - the stars will align and a couple of our pals will fly in from Chicago to join us in the camper for a few days. My birthday is this weekend guys, so pack a bottle of wine (or whatever) in your backpack. 

Giant Cow in Clearwater, Montana |


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