What Are You Guys Doing? | July 4, 2020

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If you're interested in emotional rambling, start here. If not, keep scrolling. 

Okay, so in this post, I vaguely mentioned that Ryan and I are headed out on a long vacation to regroup after about 6 years of straight monotony. Basically, I've been getting dead bored of wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, crash on the couch, repeat, repeat, repeat, anxiously fill weekend with activities to counteract feelings of time scarcity, repeat, repeat, repeat. 

It just didn't feel good, you know? And it's not that life wasn't good. I had a job I liked, a nice house, and a fairly comfortable life, but if variety is the spice of life, my day-to-day was positively unseasoned. A year ago, I had a truly FTS day at work and when I met Ryan for lunch that afternoon, I casually suggested how cool it would be to escape our real-life, move into a camper for a while, and just go see new things. Not sure who said you can't run from your problems, but I'm here to say that yes you sure can. Anyway, Ryan took me surprisingly seriously and got into full camper shopping mode pronto, driving all over Michigan to look at everything Craigslist has to offer. 

However absurd that original conversation seemed, it's on. We're doing it and I could not be happier. 

If you just want to know what our plan is, stop scrolling for a sec. 

So to answer the question: what are you guys doing? We're renting out our house, moving into a camper and traveling for - at the moment- an undecided amount of time. Maybe a month, maybe 6. 

We're headed directly west. First stop is the Tetons and then heading up into Yellowstone for a while. We'd like to cross into Canada if the border opens up, check out Banff, and then make our way into Alaska. If the border stays closed, we'll jog over to Glacier and see where the wind takes us. Ryan's brother and his family are planning a trip to California in August, so if the stars align the way we hope they will, we'll meet up with them and caravan for a couple days. 

I'd like to spend the winter in New Mexico and Texas and just the southwest in general. I've never been and I've just got this vision of the wild west that I'd like to see in real life.


Stability was my dream in college. I wanted a 9-5 and a steady paycheck so bad, and while I wound up getting those things, I guess I've learned that dreams change and monotony throws a bitter splash into the nicest of cocktails, so I'm mindful that this might be great for a while, but that eventually, I'll want something different. And when that happens, we'll come home. Until then, we'll catch you at the next free WIFI location. 

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  1. I highly recommend visiting Southeast Utah after Thanksgiving, when we lived in Moab, it was my favorite time of year because the tourists finally left the parks alone. They'll get a light dusting of show which makes the rock formations look really cool.


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