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In a true 180º turnaround, I am officially loving this season. This is very unlike me, but people change. I've changed, mom!

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And yet, toes out 'til the snows out. 

Last night was somewhat crisp, but not uncomfortable, so I mixed up a batch of margaritas for Ryan and me, and we sat out on the deck with the last of the citronella candles burning out. Sounds sort of romantic, but Duke kept us kosher, climbing over us and begging Ryan to tickle him. It was such a vibe. I keep my Christmas lights up on the deck all year around, so you know those suckers were plugged in too. 

Fall IS a vibe. Why does everyone else know this? Why am I wringing my hands, going fuck fuck fuck all month in August when indeed, it would seem that I nurture a soft spot for spooky season? Am I a fall girl now? 

What are you up to this October? 


1 // ICYMI

A few things I've published here recently -

Life Lately in September

Related: everything in time. 

Getting motivated in the last 100 days of 2023. 

Best of summer

Stop complaining



I bought a new Fitbit and now I'm obsessed with tracking my sleep. Old me would wake up after a rough night and just be regular bummed about it. New me has to see my sleep score and it's extra disappointing. 

I got these crisp white Target sneakers last winter and IMHO it is finally the perfect time to wear them. No longer flip-flop season, but also not wet and mucky outside. 

Speaking of seasonal shoes, I'm very into these sherpa lined boots from J Crew. 

Related to the related, while we're already perusing J Crew's website, let's pop this cozy and warm beauty into the cart. 

Big BIG fan of reading seasonal things. I'll be reading Fairy Tale by Stephen King all month (it's a freaking tome) but I'm looking forward to some snack breaks reading these with Duke: Gustavo the Shy Ghost, a Halloween eye-spy book, Countdown to Halloween


3 // INTO IT

October Links |

Big October vibes. 

October Links |

Hahah. Bet.


4 // LINKS

I actually, literally LOL'd at this. I'd be wearing three polos, stacked, with the collars popped + low rise flare jeans from Aeropostale with with my knockoff Lands End Birks. The Juicy tracksuit also spoke to me. 

My favorite part of fall is back - SNL! V excited to watch Pete Davidson host

Big plans for this fall now that I'm a fall girlie. 

Bad cook, good mom

I would not make this smoked salmon dip to share, but only because I will make it to NOT share. I can be counted on to eat the entire freaking batch. Yum. 

I am obsessed now with the idea of taking a train ride. I think this shall convince you too

This generation's Jackie or Marilyn is, IMO, Kate or Meghan. Maybe it's the American in me, but I definitely lean towards that California cool and I loved everything I saw at the Invictus Games this year. 

I read this over the summer and kind of love the embarrassed acknowledgement that while fiction, it's kind of not

Everything I've read this year so far



Reading: Fairy Tale by Stephen King, but also, as is my tradition in October, scooping up a Harry Potter book to indulge in during the season of witches and magic and whatnot. Edit: I picked Prisoner of Azkaban and I am positively devouring it. 

Eating: I really want to make caramel apples with Duke. More substantially though, I've been making this aptly named Sunday Sauce from the Half Baked Harvest cookbook quite a bit and it's a home run recipe. 

Watching: Season 3 of Only Murders in the Building came out in August, but it's a fall watch for me, so I saved it for the cozier months. Planning to kick that off here shortly. 

Listening: The usual rotation of my favorite podcasts, Armchair Experts, A Beautiful Mess, and My Favorite Murder. I'd love a fresh listen though, so if you have any recs, send 'em my way!


6 // PLANS

Honestly, planning ahead for the Amazon Prime day coming up this month. Is that the lamest plan? But I feel like if I have my ish in a group, I could probably get a bunch of Christmas shopping done way ahead of time. I also have my eye on a new vacuum, so as you can see, my life has tons of meaning.

Other things - I'm feeling SO motivated by the entrance of Q4. Like, feeling January 1 style motivation. It's the final countdown and I love a deadline. I don't actually believe in woo woo things like manifesting, but I do believe in the old adage "go confidently in the direction of your dreams." I'm just going to carry on with a few goals believing that it's going to just work out. 

Happy Friday!

PS - if you haven't been out to Crystal Gardens in Frankfort, this place a freaking fall wonderland. I recommend that you get thee

October Links |

PS - there are some affiliate links in here, but aren't they everywhere? If you click on a link, they'll throw me a couple pennies for our combined hardwork, so I guess click with caution. 

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