Friday, February 28, 2020

Hey guys. I usually do a links post on Friday - maybe the only thing I'm really consistent about lately - but a lot happened this week and since this blog is a self-serving place for me, I wanted to tell you about it. Two weeks ago I was feeling very cabin-feverish and to shake that, I started getting motivated to start doing things. Even things I hate.

Let's start with what I was avoiding.  

Last summer, my dentist gave me a referral to an oral surgeon to get my wisdom teeth out. Which I pretty much avoided for as long as I could. Coolcoolcool. Fast-forward to January 2020, when I'm feeling all kinds of motivated with the rest of the world to have the best year ever, I thought - you know, I should take care of those before it hurts or something. Then I didn't think about it again.

I had a few other health things to manage, so I figured the first step was just setting the appointment. No pain in that, right? So that's what I did. I did the first annoying thing - made a call - and then I canceled it a week later. So I had to repeat the process again and finally - finally! - yesterday I had my wisdom teeth taken out.

And it was no biggie! I went to sleep and it felt like 30 seconds later, I woke up with gauze stuffed in my mouth and man standing next to me that I thought was my husband who definitely was not.

I had two milkshakes for dinner and dozed all afternoon while catching parts of Country Strong. Pretty good day, no?


More exciting! Maybe you remember this post from last summer when I made experienced based goals to achieve before I turn 32 (I'm really a goal setter, you know? Just not always a goal achiever). I've been steadily chipping away at them, but even when I wrote them last summer, I had a feeling that I'd chicken out on a few. Specifically this one: go on an overnight trip solo.

On Monday, I booked a trip to California with two of my sisters-in-law and while I'm technically not going to be by myself, it's my first time flying alone and my first time going on vacation without Ryan. For real!

I'm so used to not paying any attention to security and checking in because I just wander a few feet behind Ryan while he typically leads the way, so I hyperventilated a lot about how to navigate three busy airports (I have layovers in Detroit and Chicago, and will be flying home from LAX) but here's what I keep telling myself: I am 31 friggin' years old. I can figure this out.

Now I need to figure out how I'm going to be away from Duke for a week without a meltdown every other day. Anyone have tips for that?


Alright, last thing. And this one is a bummer, so if you don't like sad stuff, you should stop right here.

Our 17-year old dog, Ralphie May, passed away.

I so hope that dog heaven is a real thing, because if it is, it's really cool to think about Ralph being reunited with his brother, Jayco. Even cooler to think about Ralphie being the fastest dog in the world again and I hope the first thing Dog God says when Ralphie gets there is "frisbee?"

He was old, and was old for a while really, but he never stopped tap-dancing when the food came out, and he never got too tired to beg, and man was he a good dog. Everyone says their dog is the best, and I think we're entitled to that, but Ralph will go down in Hodges History as the most obedient, sweet, and loyal dog in the world. All he did for 17 years was love everyone. Probably even bad guys.

And this is how I choose to remember Ralph May.

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